Dogs need plenty of room for sniffing, prancing and playing to their heart’s content. It’s all part of our cage-free ideology. And to that end, we’ve invested not just in gigantic, rubber-floored playrooms — the equivalent of a doggy City Museum if ever there were one — but in a combined 14,000 square feet of fenced-in, outdoor yards across our four TWB locations. Now that we’ve finished returfing (which is a word, apparently) our S. Hanley lawn, it seemed an opportune time to shine some light on the whole subject.

Of course, regular old grass won’t do. Our yards have to endure thousands of dog years of digging, clawing, and pawing every year. And it’s why we turned to a local St. Louis company called Xtreme Green Synthetic Turf for a more durable play space. With their help, we landed on a top-of-the-line artificial grass made of polyethylene and polypropylene. 

If that seems like a lot of “p’s,” you’d be correct. After all, when dogs do their — er, business — we want to make sure it’s quick and efficient to clean up right on the spot. And anything we can do to make day-to-day work easier for our people is a plus. 

But this turf’s biggest benefit is on paws. Compared to hard, non-porous surfaces which can be abrasive and hot in the summertime, our turf stays cool year-round. It’s soft on joints or exposed parts of the coat, is 100% hypoallergenic and looks just like the real thing. If dogs can tell the difference, they haven’t told us. In fact, they seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

Yes, our floors are magical, and dogs are lucky enough to get four points of contact. If your pup has yet to set a paw on our turf, we hope you’ll read more about our daycare, boarding, and training options. Give us a call or hit that big ol’ Book button up above to get started with a free day of play.