Your Dog Just Made Plans for MDW

If your dog needs plans for Memorial Day Weekend, we have him covered. Boarding is back at our Hanley location for the holiday weekend. Because, you know what, dogs deserve 3-day weekend celebrations, too.

If you’ve boarded with us before, things may look a little different. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We will be boarding at Hanley only for the MDW.
  • In an effort to keep the staffing requirements down, we will not be open for daycare at Hanley that weekend. It will be boarding only.
  • All other locations will remain closed for boarding and daycare on weekends.
  • We are starting boarding Thursday night, the 21st.  And for now we are only committed to taking boarding through the night of Memorial Day, the 25th. 
  • You can drop off & pick up for boarding on those days, but we will be scheduling specific times for your safety.
  • Pick up times for boarding will be reduced to 8:00am-1:00pm on Memorial Day, the 25th.

For Memorial Day Weekend only we will be pausing our daily photos, but don’t worry–you can check in your dog’s day of play with our GoPro video on Facebook

Our goal is to start taking reservations for dates beyond Memorial Day Weekend. We will keep you posted and plan to make an official announcement by next Tuesday, the 19th. 

Thanks so much for your patience as we work to bring TWB back to your dogs. We know they want to stretch their legs and see their buddies, and we are doing what we can to bring all staff and services back in a timeframe that makes sense for you, your dogs, and our TWB family.


  1. Murphy Finks Mom on July 8, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    where are daily pictures?

    • Jeremy on July 8, 2020 at 3:06 pm

      Hello! There is a link available on Facebook, or you can access them from the home page of this website. You just need to scroll down to near the bottom. It will say “Daily Photos”, and they are grouped by location. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!