Small dog area. Nap room. Decompression chamber. Call it what you will. We’ve reserved a space for small dogs, older pups, shy guys and any of our guests who might need a break from the main play room.

Equipped with a handy escape hatch/little doggy door, our smaller guests have access any time they’d like to get a reprieve. And any of our esteemed patrons who might benefit from a breather are welcome to plop down on the couch or pull up a piece of floor and meditate.

Small dogs hanging out in their own special area at The Watering Bowl.

“Small dog room is where it’s at.”










This additional cage-free area is a great complement to the larger play area and offers flexibility for all to enjoy the best experience possible at The Watering Bowl. Check it out next time you’re in. And if it’s your first, you’ll see it during the Sniff Around for sure.