You may not realize it, but not every boarding facility keeps staff around overnight. And while it is nice to see them snooze, The Watering Bowl pulls all-nighters for safety and peace of mind.

Across all four of our locations we have a total of 10 people dedicated to making sure your dog gets a great night’s sleep, so he or she can have a great day of play, to paraphrase Buster Moon. We recently stayed up past our bedtime to hear from one of our overnight managers, Krista Chatman, about what it takes and what it means to tuck in the pups.

Hey Krista, what do you love most about working at The Watering Bowl?

You get to work with dogs! We give them the freedom that they deserve during the day. All day play, interaction with the pack and our staff members. We don’t breed discriminate and I value that so much. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and become familiar with many types of dog breeds, it’s amazing. If you genuinely love and care for dogs like we do, this is the place to work.

Okay, let’s get specific. What’s your favorite thing about being the overnight manager?

Knowing that I am trustworthy enough to handle this position. It can be a challenge, and I’m all for it. As long as I am able to provide our hardworking staff with backup and make them feel appreciated. They do so much for this place. Also working together with the dogs is very rewarding to us. I love creating a happy stay for them here at TWB.

Why is it important to have overnight attendants? Aren’t the dogs just sleeping anyway?

Just like working at a hospital, every patient needs supervision. Our clients trust us to keep their dogs here in our care. The dogs are our first priority, day and night.

Since TWB is cage-free, does that mean my dog will be running around crazy all night?

Of course not. They have had the luxury of running around for 12 hours a day. We give them a bedtime to rest up for the next day of play. The dogs are let out for a brief potty break early morning before their big day starts. So they get a good 9 hours of sleep before waking up to potty and having breakfast. 

Since we’ll be fast asleep, tell us what happens during a typical night at TWB?

Lots of cleaning, giving baths if needed, dog care, providing meals and medications, problem solving, multitasking, clear communication, and solid team work! All throughout our 10 hour shifts.

My dog gets lonely without me! How could I ever leave her with someone else overnight?

They are never lonely with us no matter how much they think of their owners. Some dogs require special attention more than others, and we love taking the time to make them feel comfortable here. You wouldn’t want to board them anywhere else.

For real, do dogs dream?

They sure do. They dream of the things they think of the most just like us. Their favorite toy, the mailman, table food, doggy daycare—I’ve seen dogs run in their  sleep, determined to catch that imaginary bone.

So, do you sleep all day?

Sometimes. It’s nice when I do. When I don’t, that means I’ve came in early or stayed late to be where I am needed most. I also have three kids at home, two of which are my fur babies and my 4 year-old daughter. The family is continuing to grow as we speak. 

Thanks Krista. And thanks to the rest of nocturnal TWB crew, making sure everyone has sweet dreams.