Wanna Race?

We do all sorts of things with our dogs. We play. We splash. We teach. And we do it all because we believe in the power of a bond between a dog and its owner.

And now, we are taking that bond to the streets. Macklind to be exact. It’s the inaugural Macklind Dog Mile, and it is so on.

Dibs on the fire hydrant, The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding

There may be a couple detours along the route.

If you’ve ever run the Macklind Mile before you know they call it “St. Louis’ Fastest Mile.” That’s because it’s all downhill, and the race is really to see who can get to the party afterwards the fastest.

And if you’re into topography you’ll appreciate that the race starts at an elevation of 565 feet and ends at 492 feet. That would be a drop of 72 feet over the course of 5,280 feet. That’s a nice, steady decline that won’t have you falling over yourself or trying to drag yourself forward up even the slightest incline.

You may even break your high school record without training.

This is actually the first year of the dog version of this race. (According to this computer’s dictionary, that’s what “inaugural” means. Who knew?). And the race festivities start at 8:00 am this Saturday.

The Macklind Dog Mile Race starts at 9:10am this Saturday, June 25th.

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So, it’s coming up, but luckily you are already prepared. And so is your dog.

And even if you don’t run in this six-legged race, we’d still love to see you. We are the title sponsor of the dog race and will have lots of our cage-free canine community in attendance. If nothing else, it’s a chance to #DoMoreWithYourDog with us.

And of course, we’ll have plenty of water on hand for dogs and humans alike. The weather is expected to cool down, but it will still be warm. Luckily there’s lots of shade down along the route and in the festival area.

Do more with your dog, The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding

Look for us there and on social media.

We hope you can make it. And if not, you can live vicariously through us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re interested, registration is easy. Just go to the race site. And make sure you check out the rules about what kinds of leashes and vaccinations you need. (We may have a few leashes of ours on-hand in case anybody needs one.)