TWB Boomerangs

When employees stay with us for a long period of time, we know we’re doing something right. When they come back, we often hear exactly what it is that we happen to be doing right.

So, we thought we’d probe a little bit deeper to hear why our latest TWB Boomerangs came back. It is now our pleasure to re-introduce Cait Koenig and Justine Carlson to you and our pack at The Watering Bowl.

We’ll start with Cait.


Cait Koenig, back by popular demand

She started with us way back in 2012 as a daycare attendant. She quickly moved to the front desk on her way to managing our Hanley location.

When asked about her first impression of working at the The Watering Bowl, Cait said,

“Am I really getting paid for this? This is so much fun!”

But alas, she left us to finish her degree. And we’re glad she did because she came back with her BA in industrial/organization psychology and a professional and creative writing certificate from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

In her triumphant return, Cait is serving as our General Manager, overseeing all of our locations and helping us improve at all levels.

She says the question she gets the most about working at TWB is, “Are you hiring?” Well, she’d be the right person ask.

Welcome home, Cait.


Next up is Justine Carlson. In her first two-year term with us, she worked pretty much everywhere within the organization. From Daycare Attendant to Floor Leader to Front Desk Attendant, she knows us as well as anyone on two or four legs.


Justine Carlson, putting her new degrees to good use


Her passion for dogs wouldn’t let her stay away.

Like Cait, she also went back to finish a degree. Justine secured her Master’s Degree in Public Health, concentrating on Behavioral Science and Health Education and Epidemiology.

If you don’t have your dictionary handy, epidemiology is “the branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.” And it is part of what qualifies her to be our newest Team Development and Quality Improvement Manager.

She’ll be coaching new Daycare Attendants and helping maintain consistency among our locations as well as sharing best practices.

Amazingly, Justine claims to remember 400 dog names from her first go-round. And we encourage you to test her the next time you come in.

When asked what she loves about The Watering Bowl, she responded with a question,

“Where else is everyone literally jumping up and down to see you when you walk in the door?”

She goes on to point out, “Since you can’t adopt 40 dogs, this is the best way to fulfill that desire without being labeled an animal hoarder.”

We are thrilled to have Justine back in our midst. And we’re pretty sure the dogs remember her name, too.

So no, “boomerang” is not a newly licensed dog toy. It’s actually a description of some of our staff members who are back in our growing cage-free canine community.