Training Trainers

Butt Sniffers Academy, the four-legged institute of higher learning, offers free online courses for anyone who wants to earn extend their education outside of our Dog Grove facility.

Simply check out the dedicated YouTube Channel that we update on an ongoing basis. It features the Dean of BSA, Tracy Pritchard, dolling out knowledge in four minutes or less. Most classes are actually under two.

Ever heard of “Meal Time Exercise”? Well, now you have. And Tracy does a great job of explaining the thinking behind it and demonstrating how to implement something that can build the relationship between dog and owner.

She touches on the importance of showing your dog who is responsible for their food and talks about “transferring the value from the food to the human.”

Or check out this gem featuring Bentley Von Snuggles (full name) demonstrating “climb” and “heel.”

And there’s plenty more where this came from. Currently, the channel houses 17 videos. And you can subscribe to receive updates when new installments are added.

Like any instructional video on YouTube, they’re somewhat addictive. And they have the added bonus of also being informative.

The tutorial with the most views currently is about teaching your dog tug of war. It may seem like an unsophisticated exercise, but Tracy shows us how to use it to demonstrate impulse control, obedience and teamwork.

And when you watch, you get a sense for why our dean is so well respected among students with tails. We’re actually considering an honorary doctorate for her.

We always encourage you to get the most out your relationship with your dog. And while you’re at it, get the most of our cage-free canine community. Free online classes are just one example.

Check out our #DoMoreWithYourDog outings on facebook and Instagram as well. Until then, do as Tracy says and, “have fun with your dog.”