The Undiagnosed Symptoms of Cabin Fever

In humans, the signs are obvious. We get restless. We binge watch. We forage for snacks. But believe it or not, cabin fever affects dogs, too. And the symptoms can range from obvious to somewhat hidden.

Before we examine three such signs that your dog may be suffering from the very real scourge of cabin fever, we would like to subject you to a natural and not-at-all-opportunistic plug for Butt Sniffers Academy. With three locations (Brentwood, Dog Grove and St. Peters) and three certified trainers, a class and/or training session may be exactly what you and your dog need to break this cold snap.

Where were we?

Oh yes, symptoms of cabin fever. Let’s get to the list. And by all means, if you’ve noticed the manifestation of cabin fever in your home, feel free to share your own experiences. In the meantime, here are three scenarios to consider:

Pillow Mutilation When investigating signs of cabin fever, you may consider taking a look at your throw pillows. If you’re unable to locate them, cabin fever may be to blame. If you can find them, but they’re not poised in their normal, well-defined, nicely fluffed positions, there’s chance they were displaced by a cabin fever sufferer. Lastly, should your throw pillows appear to have vomited their contents and spontaneously disintegrated, we feel there is cause for concern about cabin fever

Unavoidable Hair Loss Not yours, but your dog’s. You may find more hair adorning your floors and furniture than you are accustomed to seeing. Sweaters may become compromised. Tumbleweed-like rolls may begin bouncing through your peripheral vision. This is likely caused by over exposure to furnace heat and a lack of running around, rolling and general frolicking. Fortunately, you already know where to find the antidote for these issues.

Subtle Resentment This is the most difficult to detect. It’s also the most devastating. Your dog loves you. Don’t worry. But discontent may surface in the forms listed above, increased feistiness or, gasp, a lack of enthusiasm toward you. Again, this is rare. But subtle resentment is something that must be remedied right away.

Fortunately, you have an ally in the struggle against cabin fever. And all of these symptoms and more can be addressed through a day of doggy daycare at any of our four locations, including our newest in St. Peters.

Should you observe any of these characteristics in a dog that is not your own, we also encourage you to utilize our Refur-A-Friend program to their benefit and yours. A Sniff Around recommended by you could mean a free day for you.

So, keep all of this in mind as you gaze out the window and wonder how you’re going to cope with the worst winter has to offer. Oh, and make sure you get out to play in the snow while it’s here, too. Dogs love that stuff.

Obvious disclaimer: none of these symptoms have been vetted by a, ummm, vet. Come to think of it, neither has the ailment of Cabin Fever. So, don’t fret. But do get some exercise.