We’ve always said you’ll pick up a better dog than you dropped off, and that holds true for doggy daycare at each TWB location across the metro area. When dogs socialize and have a venue to work out their pent-up energy, they can relax and just be themselves. And who doesn’t feel better after a full day of that?

But if you’ve had the opportunity to utilize our training services, you may have noticed we’re taking the idea of picking up a better dog to a whole new level.

Stay & Train classes are exactly what they sound like. You drop off your dog for daycare, and we pull him or her aside for a 1-on-1 session during the day. We’ve been offering these for a while at three of our locations, and we are proud to finally offer them at our original location in South County.

When you pick up your pup, you get a report with homework to continue the learning outside of our walls. They love hearing from our trainers but reinforcement from their most trusted human (you) will help convert that behavior to their daily environment.

Each session is $55 in addition to a day of daycare. A 5-pack of sessions comes with a steep discount at $350, and 10-pack can be purchased for $650, which includes daycare to offer a significant savings.

Tyler Hayward, one of our certified trainers who has worked with us at multiple locations, will be heading up this effort in South County. Once you get to know him, you’ll understand why dogs get along with him so well. He’ll tell you that he sees his training as his way to help dogs lead more fulfilling lives, and that’s his way of repaying them for doing the same.

So if you’ve been considering training, ask about Butt Sniffers Academy the next time you stop by The Watering Bowl. And see how Stay & Trains can improve your dialogue with your dog.