It’s been a while since we’ve shone the staff spotlight on one of the amazing humans of our cage-free canine community. So, to make up for lost time (all the way back to June), we are way overcompensating by featuring three of our managers. One from each location.

We are pleased to introduce you to Jamie Chitwood, Amber Metz and Luke Dillon. They are from South County, Brentwood and the Dog Grove respectively.

And collectively, they are the proud owners of seven dogs. While that’s an impressive number between three people, it’s even more impressive when you figure that Amber has zero dogs and Luke clocks in with one Bassador.

That leaves Jamie with three Pugs, a Basset Hound and two Pit Bull mix puppies.

But enough spotlight sharing. Let’s get to know each one of these well-qualified store managers individually.

Let’s start with Jamie. She’s worked with two different rescue groups, and has evidently taken a lot of that work home with her. Aside from a big heart, she also has a great attitude. In her words, “It’s impossible to have a bad day when you are surrounded by so many dogs!”

South County manager, Jamie Chitwood

Jamie, up close and personal.

Lucky for us, Jamie was referred to us by . . . us. She brought her dogs in and felt an immediate connection with our values and mission. And we are absolutely thrilled she did.

When you see her in South County, ask her if having six dogs of her own helps her remember more dogs’ names at work.

Next up is Amber from Hanley.

Amber is a self-proclaimed “nerd” who is currently re-watching Star Wars between watching your dogs. No word one whether she has a special affection for “Barf,” the mawg (half man, half dog) from the Star Wars parody movie, Spaceballs. But it’s definitely worth asking if you see her.

Spaceballs Mawg

John Candy as Barfolomew. He doesn’t work here.

She has a wide range of customer-service and pet care experience. Prior to serving as our floor leader for a full year, Amber worked at two different Happy Tails locations–one in Arizona and another in St. Louis–and as a veterinarian’s assistant. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see her grow with us.

Fun fact about Amber: “I like to sing to the dogs when I’m giving them baths, and I regularly go out for doggy hugs.” Okay, two fun facts.

Hanley store manager, Amber Metz

Amber works here and uses the force.

Speaking of Star Wars, there’s Luke.

Luke has grown up with dogs, particularly Bassett Hounds. He worked at a no-kill shelter in college. According to Luke, “I love watching all the different breeds interacting instinctually as one pack.”

And judging by the photos of Luke, he’s found his own place in the pack.

Dog Grove store manager, Luke Dillon

He’s in there somewhere.

Luke happens to be an Eagle Scout. Which means, if we ever find ourselves lost in the woods, we’re fairly certain he has all the necessary survival implements neatly stowed in his beard.

Plus, he comes to us with a background in Public Relations, marketing and management. (In fact, he ran two AT&T stores where he dealt with slightly less enthusiastic customers.) So he can also public-relate our way out of the woods, should the need arise.

And now  you know a little about each one of our highly-qualified and dedicated store managers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know them better. Feel free to introduce yourself, or have them guess which dog is yours. They love that.