St. Peters Open October 29th

We love Mondays around here. The way we look at it, every Monday is like one big reunion for our friends who come to spend a full day of play with us at The Watering Bowl.

Monday, October 29th is an extra special one. It won’t be a reunion. But we’re looking forward to it becoming the basis for many Monday reunions to come.

That’s the day of our soft opening at 1409 Harvestowne Industrial Drive in St. Peters, MO. Feel free to go back and highlight that address and drop it into your map application of choice. We’d love to see you there.

The 29th will be our soft opening. That means we’ll be testing out our systems and introducing ourselves to a lot of new faces before our big Grand Opening in November.

You and your dog are welcome any time. We’ll give you the tour. And we’ll give your dog the Sniff Around. For those who aren’t familiar, the Sniff Around is our acclimation test where we spend 30 minutes getting to know your dog, introducing them to our staff and fellow doggy daycare attendees to make sure they’re ready to become a part of the pack.

We’ll also ask that you bring your current immunization records. We’re definitely sticklers when it comes to the health of our friends. We don’t want anyone getting sick when all they want to do is hang out.

It’s coming up soon, and if you want to drop your dog off on day 1, we encourage you to have your Sniff Around done ahead of time at one of our other three locations in Brentwood, Dog Grove or South County.

Walls are up. Paint is on. The sign is lit. Our anti-microbial, joint-friendly, rubberized floors are installed.

It’s aaaaalmost there.

4 Responses to “St. Peters Open October 29th”

  1. Pam&Rich Siener

    Looking forward to see your new location.
    We brought our previous dog Squirt to your Hanley location. Now have Molly a 10 month old Jack Russell.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Tanya,
      Sorry we are so slow replying. A bunch of these comments got lost in cyberspace. Unfortunately we do not have a calendar online for our training classes. Our current 6-week course is finishing up tonight, and we will have another starting in a couple weeks. Just give us a call and we can get you on the list. 636-486-2606


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