Spring Break ’19

Even if you don’t have plans, your dog sure hopes you do.

The Watering Bowl consistently ranks among the top Spring Break destinations for dogs within a fifty-mile radius of St. Louis. And this year, we’ve expanded the excitement to include another fifty miles from St. Peters.

We know it doesn’t seem like Spring Break is coming, but check your schedule or wearable device. March is here. And we’re almost done with all this cold.

So, as you think about what to pack when you head off on your upcoming family adventure, just know that your dog has all the necessary items to come hang with us. Leave us with food and any special instructions. We’ll take care of the rest.

Activities? Of course we have activities. Pretty much the entire day is one long social activity. But we like to mix it up between casual, indoor play and healthy outdoor leaping, bounding and weather-permitting, splashing.

At the end of the day, when the daytime guests go home, we wind down and settle in for a hearty night’s sleep.

That’s really the biggest difference when you board your dog with us. Each night of boarding comes with a full day of play in a cage-free environment. But at the end of that day of play, each guest has their own, enclosed sleeping quarters to make sure they’re well rested for the next day.

We also offer Stay & Train packages that allow your dog to break away from the pack to get some one-on-one attention from one of our trainers. So, when you get home with a healthy sunburn, your dog can show off some new tricks and improved behavior.

Plus, the whole time you’re away, you can have a little social media photo competition with your bestie who’s staying with us. If your dog has stayed with us before, you know we post pictures and videos every single day. Fair warning: you may experience a tinge of FOMO, but that feeling should reassure you that everyone in your family is having the time of their life.

If you want to compare your pampering, send your dog to the Paw Spaw while you get a massage on the beach (or whatever). A paw-dicure never hurt anybody, and a bath may be in order after a Spring Break full of  partying.

No matter what, we can’t wait to be a part of it.