Soulard On All Fours

You guessed it. It’s time for the Mardi Gras Dog Parade again.

Over the last five years, The Watering Bowl has had a significant showing at one of our most playful events on the calendar. It’s a great chance for members of our cage-free canine community to meet up and get to know one another.

Of course, your dogs already know each other pretty well. It’s the owners who finally meet for the first time. And it’s a handshake instead of a butt sniff. But who knows? Sometimes, things get crazy at Mardi Gras.

The parade is on Sunday, February 23rd, and it starts around 1pm.

We all gather at the corner of Allen and Menard an hour or so before it starts.

You won’t miss us. We’ll be wearing lots of The Watering Bowl gear, and we’ll have our unofficial mascot with us, probably trying to figure out how to get beer into his head. Or her head. No one knows, and the costume isn’t anatomically complete.

We have a rolling cooler of beer and some fun, surprise giveaways that all of our paraders can toss into the crowd as we parade by. And if you want to go over the top and add to our TWB fun, by all means, give us a call to figure it out. The bigger, the better.

In addition to walking, TWB is proud to sponsor the Waggin’ Watering Bowl at the Frenchtown dog park, so dogs can get a drink after the grueling (not really grueling at all) stroll through Soulard.

We hope you and your dog will join us for a great day and a chance to socialize with humans and dogs. Shoot us an email, or just show up. And feel free to share this posting with anyone who you think might enjoy some beers and puppies in Soulard.

And, like last year, we love being tagged in photos of the event on facebook and twitter.

See you at the parade!