Puppy Class

Puppies have their own set of needs and widely varying agendas at any given moment. Coaching them together helps the pups and their owners learn from each other in a social, yet disciplined setting.

You and your new best friend will learn about how to care for a puppy as well.

We’ll discuss puppy-centric topics such as chewing, listening and, of course, potty training. And given their attention spans, we may revisit these topics more than once.

The importance of instilling discipline early cannot be overstated. So, of course, we won’t overstate it. But we will spend six weeks improving behavior and building relationships.

By the time graduation rolls around, you’ll be amazed by what the two of you can accomplish together. And it’s only the beginning.

This class is a great opportunity to bond and find potential playmates for life. If this is your first dog, congratulations. We can’t wait to meet both of you and welcome you to our cage-free canine community.

  • – $149 tuition
  • – 6 weekly, one-hour classes
  • – Available at our Dog Grove and St. Peters locations, but call any of our locations to book