Recognizing Our Staff

Everyone knows it’s awards season. And if we do say so ourselves, the staff at The Watering Bowl is highly deserving of recognition. Even if we don’t have a Hollywood afterparty to attend.

And just like everything else we do in and around our little cage-free canine community, the Annual TWB Awards For Excellence In Dog Care reflect our passion to provide the best doggy daycare, boarding, training and general health and wellbeing for your dog.

So, without further ado and minus the red carpet banter, we proudly present the TWB Staff Awards for growth, support and leadership.

The envelope, please.

The Growth Award for the team member constantly seeking areas of improvement for both themselves and the company goes to:

Sarah Mayer from our South County location.
Brooke Schoch from Hanley.
Bill Sanford from Dog Grove.




These three are strong team players and set great examples for new TWB staff members.

The “Has Your Back” Award goes to the people who regularly go above and beyond for our esteemed guests, their human counterparts and fellow employees. They show up early. They stick around to make sure everything is taken care of. They pick up extra shifts. And they do it all with a positive, unbeatable attitude.

The winners who “Have Your Back” are:

Kira Gramm from South County.
Tim Lehman at Hanley.
Maggie Marty-Achs of Dog Grove.




And we are lucky to count them among our pack.

The Leadership Extraordinaire Award goes to TWB staff members who lead by example. Always cool under pressure, these leaders find smart solutions and maintain a healthy and safe environment for those with two legs or four.

They are:

John Marciano from South County.
Devin Rojas at Hanley.
Christina Chatman out of Dog Grove.





Thank you to all of our team members who make The Watering Bowl somewhere your dog doesn’t mind hanging out. And thanks to those who earned recognition among our fantastic group of employees. They deserve it.

Just ask your dogs. They’ll tell you.