Re-Replaced Floors

You may have heard us extolling the virtues of our pet-specific rubber floors either in person or right here on this blog. That’s because literally and figuratively, flooring is the foundation of a rewarding day of play at The Watering Bowl.

We take it seriously. And recently, we ripped up the floors at our Brentwood location, and they weren’t even that old.

While they were under two and a half years old, they more than served their duties with day after day of romping, running, shock absorption and general merry making.

So, we pulled them up and re-replaced them with fresh, soft, clean, pet-specific floors. And hopefully, the slightest bit of inconvenience will result in even more fun.

new TWB hanley floors

Ooooo, nice floors.

In case you didn’t notice the change over, here’s a little recap of how it all went down over a busy 3-week period:

January 10: We moved all of our boarders to The Dog Grove location for the night while a crew came in to remove the old flooring (in one night? Yes, one night). Free rides in the Waggin’ Wagon were enjoyed.

The Watering Bowl Waggin Wagon

Follow me.

January 19: Again, we loaded up the Waggin’ Wagon and headed over to The Dog Grove, so a crew could come in to saw cut and jackhammer a section of the subflooring and rebuild the drain. There may have been a little dog hair in there.

January 20,21: We replaced the drain, repaired the concrete, leveled the floor and unanimously agreed that this would help us clean up in the future. (Spoiler alert: it did.)

January 29: We closed The Brentwood location for boarding and again piled into the Waggin’ Wagons to venture into The Dog Grove for a huge sleepover. Meanwhile, back in Brentwood, fencing contractors sparred with their swords. Either that, or they removed the fence. Or both.

Either way, we were then able to run the rubber flooring from wall to wall without cutting holes for the fence posts. Your dog may not notice, but it allows for better drainage and better cleaning.

While this was being done, we moved all of our stuff out of the offices and lobby for a deep, deep cleaning.

January 30, 31: We closed the store completely. Then, we installed all new rubber floors. Installing wasn’t as simple as just rolling out the new stuff. It had to be laid, glued and coated with two coats of pet-safe sealer. Then, we moved all of our stuff back in to a fresh, clean place. Ahhhh.

February 1: We reopened for business and had fences installed on top of the new rubber floor.

February 2: Repainted the playroom walls. Once you make a couple upgrades, you gotta go all the way.

February 5: Installed new storage system for crates to streamline and organize the boarding process.

And boom, like that, it’s like a whole new store over at Brentwood. And we had fun along the way.

Thanks for bearing with us while we made the upgrades. Your dog may not tell you about it, but we think their hangovers will be a little more relaxing now that they can play that much harder.