Raised By Wolves and Rattlesnakes

We are spoiled with an abundance of talented, driven staff. They share our passion for dogs, and they always bring interesting experience to our cage-free canine community.

Take our black-belt-wearing, rattlesnake-rearing, former zoo intern and wolf sanctuary employee, Kristina.

Aside from being our informal head of building security, Kristina comes to us directly from The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. She is currently working the floor at our Dog Grove location with an eye toward Butt Sniffers Academy. Her goal is to learn more about dog behavior within our pack and apply that to a future position as a trainer.

So, don’t be surprised if your dog leaves her watch with a couple new tricks up his sleeve, courtesy of Kristina “The Rattlesnake Ninja.”

TWB Staff Spotlight Dog Daycare Boarding Training

Rare Ninja Photo

We should probably explain that rattlesnake part a little. Don’t worry. We’re not expanding our boarding to reptiles. But Kristina does have one at home. Along with a parrot and her two dogs, Kai and Luca. Kai is a Yellow Lab and Luca is a German Shepard.

And she traces her inspiration to work with animals all the way back to early childhood. According to Kristina, “I’m one of those kids that the teacher says, ‘Who wants to take the class pet home for break,’ and my hands shoots up so fast no else has a chance. So I’ve pretty much babysat almost every kind of pet you can imagine.”

Her affection for big dogs started with a Bernese Mountain Dog she helped train in puppy class. Amber passed away when Kristina was only ten, but the lessons they shared together continue to guide Kristina today.

At The Watering Bowl, Kristina particularly enjoys getting to spend time with puppies and watching them grow into happy, healthy adults. That and bringing Kai and Luca along once in a while.

Maybe she could bring her parrot in for some added entertainment. Sorry, rattlesnake. You’re not invited.