Dogs love the water. It’s fun, they can play in it, and it cools them off in the summer.

But this summer, it’s been cool because of the water. The rainwater in particular. And we know this can keep dogs and their owners indoors. Which is the opposite of fun.

So, if you think you’re getting a little stir crazy because of monsoon season here in St. Louis, imagine how your dog feels looking out the window and seeing nothing but puddles to play in and no one to take them to play and splash and romp in them.

Dog's head poking out of a wall

Wanna go outside?

Well, not to be opportunistic or anything, but this seems like the right time to remind you and all dog owners out there that we do have gigantic indoor play areas at our two locations.

While our Hanley location seems to fill up faster than a rain gage these days, there’s some room in South County for a few more cage-free pups to come join the fray and let that energy out.

Dogs running out of Hanley

We can always sneak out between clouds.

It’s healthy for dogs to run with the pack for not only physical stimulation but also for their mental health. (You can probably sympathize these days.) And it helps their behavior.

So, think about it. If you could use a doggy hangover in your near future, give us a call.

If you’ve never been, you’ll need to schedule a Sniff Around. It’s a simple, free 30-minute orientation that lets your dog get acclimated to the pack and vice versa. And you can make your appointment online.

And soon, we’ll have our third location open with even more indoor and outdoor space to play in. Hopefully, the rain will be a distant memory by that time.

One of these days, when the rain does finally go away, we’ll be sure to open up the doors and splash around in the pools.

A dog looking into the pool

Can we splash now?