Police And Fire Dogs Discount

We opened The Watering Bowl over half a decade ago with the dream of ingraining ourselves in dog culture and expanding to more locations in and around St. Louis.

 And a big part of that dream included giving back to the community around us as we grew. We wanted our success to help contribute to better lives for dogs in all of our backyards, whether or not they come to our place.

For the most part, we’ve focused on animal rescue organizations. They do amazing work. They open their hearts and their doors to dogs from the most desperate circumstances. And they match these dogs with people who will be the first to tell you that they’re the ones who were rescued by their four-legged companions.

That idea of mutual rescue got us thinking. What if we could give back and say thanks to the people whose job it is to rescue?

So, that’s what we decided to do. (And we’re surprised it took us so long to think of it.)

From now on, the dogs belonging to firemen and police officers are welcome at our cage-free doggy daycare at a 10% discount.

So, there it is. It’s official. The doggy daycare that started in a renovated firehouse is now offering a discount to the dogs of heroes who once worked there.

And it goes for all three Watering Bowl locations.

From here on out, police and firemen and women who entrust their pups to us will get an automatic 10% discount on daycare, boarding, Paw Spaw treatments, merchandise and, yes, even classes at Butt Sniffers Academy.

Even if your dog isn’t a Dalmatian or German Shepherd, you can bring in Sgt. Schnauzer or Captain Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Or a dog that doesn’t have a specific title in his name. We’re happy to offer all of our pack members the cage-free experience of a lifetime.

And we are honored to offer a discount on our services to the people who put their lives at risk to protect us all every single day.