Our 2020 Hangover Winners Have Awoken

The annual Hangover Contest brings together the sleepiest, doziest, drooliest, dogs this side of the Mississippi. And now, we have a new champion.

Our competition was stiff this year, but also, surprisingly bendy. Thanks in part to our new superlative categories, including: Most Contorted Sleeper, Most Creative Hangover, and Most Rubbable Belly. 

For these categories, and our grand prize, a whopping 176 entrants scratched, sniffed and slept their way to glory on our Facebook page. And like all great award show programs, we’ll leave the top dog for last. 

First, the winner of Most Contorted Sleeper, as judged by Wil Rogers of Schlafly: Leo. Who, in defying the laws of gravity and sitting, nabbed the title along with three cases of Uncaged Ale and a $50 gift card to Schlafly. Scientists are still trying to ascertain how this mystical form was attained. Early signs indicate however, that when it comes to dog behavior, some things will always remain unknown.

LEO, Most Contorted Sleeper

Next, not to be outdone in a belly-up inversion is Joanie — winner of our Most Rubbable Belly category, as judged by Purina’s Katie Flamm. Joanie will receive four bags of Purina Pro Plan, as well as a Pooch Pawty at Purina Farms. Where many of us attempt to hide our bellies, Joanie puts it on full display. For that, we salute her.

JOANIE, Most Rubbable Belly

Our final superlative category, Most Creative Hangover, goes to Tinkerbell. An apt name, considering the angelic execution of this doggo burrito. They’ll receive a $100 gift card to Treats Unleashed, courtesy of Teresa Miller from Treats Unleashed.

TINKERBELL, Most Creative Hangover

Leo, Joanie, and Tinkerbell, were worthy entrants — as were all of the pups that put their paws into the race. But only one could come out on top, earning the most likes, and our grand prize of $1,000. Now, we’re proud to announce that lucky dog is Pebbles, who napped, then nabbed over 400 likes, earning our grand prize and the title of Hangover 2020 Champion. 

PEBBLES, Grand prize winner

Usually, our winner splits the prize 50/50 with a charity of their choosing. But Pebbles and her owner have gone above and beyond this year, donating the whole $1,000 check to Needy Paws Rescue. Charitable champions indeed. 

Taking home the prize is one thing. But taking home a sleepy, socially-fulfilled dog may be the greatest gift of all. We’ll see you next year for Hangover 2021, and hopefully much sooner at your local TWB.