One-On-One Butt Sniffers

True, we were founded on socialization. The pack mentality ingrains discipline and purpose—especially in a cage-free environment.

And Butt Sniffers Academy sprung from that same idea. We combine socialization and healthy instruction to bring dogs and their owners closer together.

Just ask Tracy Pritchard, our dean. She could go on about it all day.

But we also see value in hyper-focused, individualized classes. That’s why we offer a whole set of Private Lessons. Whether you’d like to work on a specific behavior, learn a new trick or package your training with a day of daycare, we offer a whole curriculum of one-on-one opportunities to learn.

Here’s a quick rundown. But feel free to read more about each of these or schedule your own session.

Tutoring is a session between you, your dog and a certified Butt Sniffers instructor. It takes place at TWB. Often times, we find that owners can learn alongside their dogs to communicate with each other better.

Homeschooling is where a BSA trainer comes to your place for an on-site session. These are ideal if you’re seeing territorial behavior or shredded throw pillows. We’ve seen it all, and we can help.

Stay & Train is a chance to separate your dog from the pack and work on reinforcing behavioral obedience. If your dog is not doing well on walks, for example, we can work with him or her on leash cues. Then, we’ll give you some homework to help you continue to improve. (We even offer a video tutorial for an additional $25.)

Extra Credit is 15-minute confidence booster designed to stimulate your dog’s mind and athleticism. They can learn a new trick like fetching or rolling over or herding.

We’ve featured many of these sessions on Instagram and Facebook. They are fun and purposeful—like any good learning experience.

You can call to schedule any one of these appointments or book online through our reservations page.

Of course, we still encourage socialization, but sometimes a little exclusive attention can go a long way.