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There’s a lot going on at The Watering Bowl. Check back here often to stay up on the latest. And be sure to check our Facebook page to see how much fun we had at past events.

Soldier: An Adoptober Success Story

You might recognize Soldier. He was the first dog featured in our “Pet of the Week” adoption feature during our Adoptober partnership with the Animal Protective Association.

And—wait, hang on. This just in: he was almost immediately adopted and now his name is Rocco.


Adoptober: Was A Success

Way back in October, also known as last month, we celebrated Adopt A Rescue Dog month. But we didn’t just celebrate with the usual balloons and encourage others to adopt deserving dogs.

Instead, we did some adopting of our own.


Tracy’s Free Online Academy: Positive Reinforcement

By Tracy Pritchard, Dean of Butt Sniffers Academy

Positive Reinforcement training has become very popular in recent years because of its “dog friendly” approach. Though many humans find it undesirable because of the need to carry food or some sort of reward, one factor that doesn’t seem to be resonating with people is that positive reinforcement is not a training style.

It’s not?

No. It’s a life style.   (more…)

BSA Free Online Courses: Demonstrating Value by Tracy Pritchard

Welcome to a new series from the dean of Butt Sniffers Academy, Tracy Pritchard. Tracy understands that training dogs often means helping their humans understand and communicate with their pups. BSA Free Online Courses are geared toward the two-legged part of the training equation. With deep insight and actionable advice, Tracy aims to help you supplement your dog’s curriculum.

This installation from Dean Pritchard explains how important it is to demonstrate your value to your dog.


When we think of dog training we don’t put a whole lot of thought into making ourselves a powerful source in the dog’s life. We take for granted our value in our relationship with our dogs. We forget or have never thought about the fact that dogs are incapable of putting it in to perspective how much we love them and that everything we do is to provide for them.

They don’t think about how much money we spend on food/treats, or the hours spent shopping to find the perfect toy because, as their human, we are concerned about their entertainment. (more…)

Why Canine Influenza Matters

Ask just about any PR person, and they might tell you it’s a bad idea to associate your company with a potential issue that hasn’t even hit.

Yet that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The reason is simple—we want your dog to be safe when staying at The Watering Bowl.

We have had exactly zero cases of canine influenza (CIV) reported at The Watering Bowl. And we plan to keep it that way.


Dog Smarts: Summer Warning Signs With Dr. Pamela A Clary, Mobile Veterinary Services

Dr. Pamela Clary is a veterinarian who comes when you call.

Dr. Clary, Dog Smarts

With a home base in the Central West End, she has been seeing cats and dogs in their home environments for 13 years. Before that, she worked ER and critical care in addition to a general practice. Prior to that, Dr. Clary worked with farm animals in a rural veterinary practice.

She loves what she does, and we appreciate the opportunity to share what we learned from her about taking care of your dog in the heat of summer.


All Up In Your Suitcase

We’ve noticed a few trends over the years. The Doggy Hangover is one. Better behavior through socialization is another.

But we’ve also noticed trends among our human clientele. Specifically, those with TWB T-shirts.

We see our happy little pieces of apparel popping up in Facebook and on Instagram. And we couldn’t be more pumped.

So, we thought we’d take it a step further and invite ourselves along on your next vacation. You don’t mind, do you? We’ll just go ahead and crawl into your suitcase and try to make your trip a little more memorable.

Here’s how. When you snap a vacation photo in your TWB gear and tag us in your post, we’ll repost it for our entire cage-free canine community to see. Then, we’ll respond with a photo of your dog enjoying an all-expense-paid daycare and boarding vacation at The Watering Bowl, courtesy of you.

Vacation photo featuring TWB gear.

We’re on a boat!


Wanna Race?

We do all sorts of things with our dogs. We play. We splash. We teach. And we do it all because we believe in the power of a bond between a dog and its owner.

And now, we are taking that bond to the streets. Macklind to be exact. It’s the inaugural Macklind Dog Mile, and it is so on.

Dibs on the fire hydrant, The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding

There may be a couple detours along the route.


Dog Park Grand Opening

At The Watering Bowl, we like to think of ourselves as a cage-free canine community. Now, we’re taking that designation a step further with by helping to open our first-ever dog park in the St. Louis community.

Introducing the Forest Park Southeast Dog Park. No cages, no leashes—just a great place to #domorewithyourdog.

The map of Forest Park Southeast Dog Park

Just up the street.


One-On-One Butt Sniffers

True, we were founded on socialization. The pack mentality ingrains discipline and purpose—especially in a cage-free environment.

And Butt Sniffers Academy sprung from that same idea. We combine socialization and healthy instruction to bring dogs and their owners closer together.

Just ask Tracy Pritchard, our dean. She could go on about it all day.

But we also see value in hyper-focused, individualized classes. That’s why we offer a whole set of Private Lessons. Whether you’d like to work on a specific behavior, learn a new trick or package your training with a day of daycare, we offer a whole curriculum of one-on-one opportunities to learn.