Dogs interested in the latest news happening at The Watering Bowl.

The Scoop

There’s a lot going on at The Watering Bowl. Check back here often to stay up on the latest. And be sure to check our Facebook page to see how much fun we had at past events.

Let Them Let It Out

You may have noticed some new advertising around town from your favorite cage-free canine community. It’s not a figment of your imagination.

It’s the latest in our ongoing efforts to woo you and your dog to one of our three locations in Brentwood, South County and the Dog Grove. And it stars our amazing clientele, front and center.

Every day, we get to witness these superstars showing off their athleticism, greeting their long-lost best friends and generally having the time of their lives. And you get to see the moments we capture and share through Facebook and Instagram.

But we wanted to show off the enthusiasm and attitude of The Watering Bowl to a wider audience.

Let It Out billboard

So, in the coming weeks, you’ll start to notice different breeds, sizes and hair lengths popping up all over. (more…)

Dogs Don’t Mind Homework

Butt Sniffers Academy is just like any other school, only it’s completely different. For example, the attendees of our four-legged institute of higher learning don’t seem to mind a little extra homework.

In fact, they thoroughly enjoy it.

That’s why the dean of BSA, Tracy Pritchard, devised a set flashcards to help students lock in their learning. However, despite Tracy’s best efforts, these dogs can’t actually read the flashcards themselves.


Clearing The Air With Hoffmann Brothers

Cleaning the air is probably more accurate. And we have Hoffman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning to thank for helping us do just that.

They’ve been bringing their dogs here for years, and one day, they came to us and said, “You know, dogs have pretty strong olfactory senses.”

So, we promptly Googled “olfactory,” and the next time they came in, we responded aptly, “Indeed, they do have strong olfactory senses.”

“Well,” one of the Hoffmann Brothers replied after our reply, “you do such a great job of tending to all of their other senses, you may want to consider cleaning the air around them.”


Dog-Friendly Stomping Grounds

We consider ourselves fortunate that our cage-free canine community is nestled within one of the most canine-friendly cities in the country. It’s been noted over and over again. And we can’t say we’re surprised.


Free Training Evaluations

It’s bark-to-school time, and while you’re thinking about school supplies, haircuts and packing lunches, we thought we’d let you in on a special new program offered through Butt Sniffers Academy—another fine scholastic institution.

Free training evaluations are happening now with our dean, Tracy Pritchard.


Dog Smarts: Outside Safety

The weather keeps getting better as we edge toward the back half of summer. And while kids are thinking about school, dogs are thinking about getting outside.

So, we thought we’d reach out to our old friend, Dr. Ed Migneco, to learn more about how best to enjoy the great outdoors with our best buddies.

Dr. Edward Migneco of Hillside Animal Clinic


Every Dog Is An Outside Dog

Poodle or Pit Bull, Dalmatian or Dachshund, your dog wants to hang out with you. And they particularly love getting outside when they hang out.

We know because every day when we open those big overhead doors at The Watering Bowl, everyone comes charging outside to play. And the only thing they’d love to do more is get outside and play with you. (We asked.) (more…)

TWB Boomerangs

When employees stay with us for a long period of time, we know we’re doing something right. When they come back, we often hear exactly what it is that we happen to be doing right.

So, we thought we’d probe a little bit deeper to hear why our latest TWB Boomerangs came back. It is now our pleasure to re-introduce Cait Koenig and Justine Carlson to you and our pack at The Watering Bowl.

We’ll start with Cait.


Cait Koenig, back by popular demand


Tracy’s Free Online Academy: Creative Visualization

When a dog owner is seeking training help or advice, they usually come prepared with a list of behaviors that need to stop.

They will say things like, “I just want him to stop pulling on the leash” or “I wish she’d stop jumping”. Through our conversation they will also express their desire to use positive reinforcement as the primary training technique. Which is great for me because it’s my favorite.