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Guest Blog: The Cross-Country Hangover

Occasionally, we hear great stories from customers and share them with the staff. In this case, we thought we’d share one with the rest of our cage-free canine community.  

And thanks to Molly Brennan and Kenny Barry for stopping by on their way across the United States. We never really thought about it before, but we are right in the middle of the country for anyone thinking of swinging by like they did.

 Take it away Kenny.

My wife and our two pups, Louis and Amina (@shortercollies), recently decided to move from Pittsburgh to San Diego. We were all excited, especially the dogs.

We mapped out a two-week, 2,400-mile road trip with a weekend stop in St. Louis—namesake of our noisy-but-loving terrier mix.

The itinerary was simple: hit the road and visit some friends and family for a few days to break up the trip. The problem of what to do with our pups during our stops was more vexing.


Loyalty Goes A Long Way

Our cage-free canine community is built for dogs. But it’s the two-legged members who welcome our pack every single day and make The Watering Bowl a place worthy of many return visits.

In fact, we have several people we would classify as long-time loyalists. And we consider ourselves fortunate to spend our days with them.

If you don’t know them yet, here’s your chance to get a little background and introduce yourself next time you cross paths. You might not know their names, but rest assured, they know your dog’s name. And your dog is almost as excited as we are to see them at The Watering Bowl when they arrive.

Bridget Klebolt, 8 years

She’s known as the TWB OG. She’s the only person who’s been with us since opening day. She knows us as well as anyone, and fittingly, she has grown to become our HR Manager.



Cait Koenig, 4 years

Cait started with us as an entry-level employee. She went back to school to complete her degree and put it to good use at TWB. Now, she is the General Manager for every location. And next month, she will be getting married and hiking up and down the west coast for her honeymoon.



Dog Smarts: Is It Spring Yet?

We get it. Spring has been a long time coming. But we’re almost 80% sure it’s here. And no one knows that better than your dog.

As you take to your backyard and break out the barbecue pit, we thought we’d get a little perspective from our veterinarian friends on how to prepare for a fun, safe season outside with your dog.

Our Dog Grove neighbors, Dr. Anna Migneco and Dr. Erin Willis from Hillside Animal Hospital, were kind enough to answer a few questions and share their knowledge with us and, in turn, you.

We’ll start in the yard.

What are some “backyard dangers” to dogs people may not know about? (more…)

Celebrating The Hangovers of 2018

The Hangover Contest gets more and more competitive every year.

And this year raised the bar yet again. The 2018 TWB Hangover Contest around attracted over 400 submissions. 423 to be exact. And we had over 13,000 votes.

That’s a lot of doggy hangover enthusiasts.

But most importantly, we distributed $1,000 to the winner and her charity of choice. Not a bad payout for a passed-out photo.

So, congratulations to Scout and Needy Paws on taking home $500 each. We’re proud to put our dry-erase presentation check to use for such deserving recipients. (more…)

Cage-Free Employees

We’re proud of our cage-free canine community. It improves behavior, enhances quality of life and provides a much-need energy release for dogs of all ages and sizes.

But it wouldn’t be possible without dedicated employees who oversee our guests, day and night. (In fact, we just recognized the best of the best.)

They’re truly amazing. They know every single dog’s name. Seriously, feel free to issue a pop quiz. They show up early. They clean up . . . stuff. And they do it all with love.

We’re always looking to add more team members. And we invite you to share this posting or job application page with anyone who might be qualified or interested. (more…)

The $1,000 Hangover

This year’s hangover contest is nothing to sleep through. This year’s winner will collect $500 for themselves and $500 for their rescue of choice. We’re not math magicians over here, but our calculation comes out to roughly $1,000 for the winning hangover.

For those who are unfamiliar with the doggy hangover phenomenon, it’s how we describe the residual effect of a full day of play at The Watering Bowl.

Your dog gets to drift off into a whimsical dream state full of wonderful recent memories. And you get to enjoy a little quality couch time with a much more docile version of your best bud. So you pretty much get two days of daycare for the price of one. (more…)

Recognizing Our Staff

Everyone knows it’s awards season. And if we do say so ourselves, the staff at The Watering Bowl is highly deserving of recognition. Even if we don’t have a Hollywood afterparty to attend.

And just like everything else we do in and around our little cage-free canine community, the Annual TWB Awards For Excellence In Dog Care reflect our passion to provide the best doggy daycare, boarding, training and general health and wellbeing for your dog.

So, without further ado and minus the red carpet banter, we proudly present the TWB Staff Awards for growth, support and leadership.

The envelope, please. (more…)

Anni-Pedis – $8

No, that’s not Latin. It’s our way of celebrating.

Specifically, we’re celebrating our 8th Anniversary on Thursday, February 22nd, with nail trims for $8. The eight-dollar Anni-Pedi makes pampering dog more affordable and infinitely more fun to say.

Plus, the dogs deserve it. They’re the whole reason we’re here. And we feel fortunate to have been able to welcome your best friends for eight years now. It doesn’t seem possible. But it does seem like a dream come-true.


Bring On Spring Break

You think you’re ready for Spring? What about your dog?

While you’re planning a big getaway to the beach, we’re already thinking about breaking out the pools. While you’re daydreaming about Mai Tai’s, we’re looking forward to throwing open the door to our outdoor play area.

It’s Spring Break 2018 at The Watering Bowl, and your dog is invited.

And while you’re off taking selfies with your besties, we’ll be here collecting party pics all day, every day. Hashtag tail wag.

But boarding fills up fast this time of year. So, if you’re out shopping online for the hotel with the best view and the highest thread count, don’t forget to make your dog’s reservation with us. Not to brag, but our amenities are right up there with just about any resort.

Let’s review. Padded floors, giant fans, pools (we already mentioned those) and posh sleeping quarters. With attentive staff onsite around the clock, you can be sure that party won’t stop. It may, however, pause briefly for the occasional nap.

Then, it’s back to mingling on the stationary cruise ship known as The S.S. Watering Bowl with ports in Brentwood, South County and the Dog Grove.

And this year, we have a brand new feature at the Dog Grove location to offer those who don’t have the opportunity to stay with us (namely, humans). Ask at the front desk about our Cage-Free Cameos. They’re custom one-minute videos featuring your dog that we will shoot, edit and upload to a YouTube link for your viewing pleasure while on your own Spring Break.

Just try not to get too jealous.

Cage-Free Cameos are $50 per video. And we’d suggest having one delivered halfway through your trip, so you can show off your dog to all the new friends you meet while you’re away.