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Socialize WITH Your Dog

We talk a lot about the importance of socialization for the wellbeing of your dog. It leads to better behavior and becomes a healthy outlet for energy.

The same benefits dogs experience also apply to the other side of the leash.

Humans need to interact. They need to experience different points of view, develop meaningful relationships and expend a little energy now and again. And if they can do that with their dog, the socialization becomes even more valuable for both.

So before you assume that you can’t bring your dog somewhere, double check or ask. A well-behaved dog at a backyard barbecue can make the event amazing for all in attendance.

And in the meantime, we’ve proactively compiled a list of events and places to take your dog for your next outing together. By all means, we want to hear more ideas from you that we can continue to share with our greater cage-free canine community.

Date specific events include:


Top 3 Summer Vacation Ideas From Your Dog

Every Spring, the magazine writers and bloggers get to work publishing ideas for vacation destinations. They do their research and come up with great options for all budgets and desires. Island getaways, family road trips, wineries, hiking and camping opportunities—they’ve got it all covered. 

But there may be another source of information that you are overlooking. A perspective that’s right under your nose, or hogging your bed. That perspective would be your dog’s.

You dog loves you, wants what’s best for you and would, with rare exception, never lead you astray. So on behalf of them and our well-appointed boarding facilities that we offer you a quick list of places your dog would love to see you visit this summer while he or she spends some time with us.


Uncaged Ale For All

Unconfirmed research has shown that a single can of Uncaged Ale being opened is able to be heard by an adoptable dog up to 240 miles away.

That’s a long distance. And while dogs are known for strong hearing, these cans aren’t specially engineered. They’re just specially intended.

Proceeds from the sale of these do-gooders go toward helping the APA of Missouri in their mission to bring people and pets together. And that mission stretches way out into rural Missouri, where dogs in need of rescue may not otherwise have access to support from places like the APA.

**Update** We’re excited to share that cans are now available at these neighborhood retail locations:

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This year’s Hangover Contest is back, and once again it’s time to recognizing the world’s most deserving Doggy Hangover with $1,000.

So, start scrolling through your photo albums or capturing the ever-elusive, perfect photo of your passed out companion. But first, read carefully below to find out how to participate.

$1,000 Hangover Contest Schedule

SUBMISSIONS: Begins the morning of April 21 and ends at 7:00 pm CDT on April 23.


VOTING: Begins as soon as the album is posted on TWB’s Facebook page the morning of April 25 and ends at 7:00 pm CDT on April 26.

$1,000 Winner Announcement: April 29

In the meantime, here are the important nuts and bolts of how to submit and vote. (more…)

Take Me Out To The Dog Park

Opening Day is a big deal. The grass is green. Anticipation is in the air. Poop bag dispensers are freshly refilled.

So, with all the excitement of the season, we thought we would do a public service and share a few of our favorite local dog parks, in no particular order. And by all means, we invite you to chime in with yours.

Then, text your dog friends and set up a play date. It was a long freaking Winter.

Brommelsiek Park (pictured above) is a favorite of our St. Peters constituents. Located off Highway DD and voted “Best Dog Park,” this doggy wonderland has everything a dog and his best bud could want. First of all, it’s largemongous. There’s a pond where dogs can doggy paddle, fetch and run back to you for a big, wet hug. There’s a dock they can jump off. Even if you’re not local, it’s worth the drive. You can pretty much guarantee there’ll be a nap taken in the back seat on the way home. (more…)

Spring Break ’19

Even if you don’t have plans, your dog sure hopes you do.

The Watering Bowl consistently ranks among the top Spring Break destinations for dogs within a fifty-mile radius of St. Louis. And this year, we’ve expanded the excitement to include another fifty miles from St. Peters.

We know it doesn’t seem like Spring Break is coming, but check your schedule or wearable device. March is here. And we’re almost done with all this cold.

So, as you think about what to pack when you head off on your upcoming family adventure, just know that your dog has all the necessary items to come hang with us. Leave us with food and any special instructions. We’ll take care of the rest. (more…)

Hard To Believe It’s Been 9 Years

It’s been nine years since we first threw open the big overhead door to release the hounds in South County. Nine years since we begged all our friends and family to come “make us look busy.” Nine years since Madden and Ruger, our founding dogs, helped us make all the crucial, four-legged decisions.

And it’s been an amazing ride ever since.

We’re proud of the growth we’ve experienced thanks to our customers on both sides of the leash. But we’re more proud that our original vision of a cage-free canine community continues to thrive.

Now, with four locations and the greatest staff in the business, we are more prepared than ever to entertain, train, board and otherwise treat your dog to the full Watering Bowl experience. In fact, we are especially proud to have three certified trainers as part of our very own Butt Sniffers Academy.

What started in South County, spread to Brentwood. From there, we invested heavily in the city at our Dog Grove location. And most recently, we put down roots in St. Charles County. Through it all, we’ve put the dogs first. (more…)

More Expansion in St. Peters

Just because we had a grand opening doesn’t mean we’re done settling into our new digs in St. Peters. If you haven’t had the chance, check out some of our finishing touches, like our new Daycare & Boarding sign that just went up:

And the huge wall mural that greets you when you walk into the lobby. And the “peeking dog” billboard on 360/94 that you just can’t miss.

But wait, there’s more. Wait. Wait. Eeeasy. Stay. You may have guessed it–we’ve expanded our training operation.

Butt Sniffers Academy West is fully up and running and ready to train dogs in St. Charles County. And we’re proud to offer the full suite of training services from our new location. (more…)

Our Trio of Trainers

As a company, The Watering Bowl believes in the power of socialization to improve behavior and deepen the bond between dogs and humans. That’s why everything we do emphasizes interaction among dogs. (Hence, the Butt Sniffers name.) And our cage-free canine community influences our training program, and vice versa.

All of our trainers are certified. And while they can talk to you at length about their individual philosophies, methodologies and areas of emphasis, we think it’s important for you to get to know them as people. After all, that’s what they do with dogs and the humans on the other end of the leash.

So, here’s a chance to get to know each our three trainers, Molly, Tyler and Laura. And if you have follow-up questions, we encourage you to share those in the comments, give us a call or schedule an assessment.

First up: Molly.


6-legged Hiking With TWB

Our highly biased and not-at-all scientific research has shown that the average hike is at least 87% more enjoyable with a dog. Don’t believe us? Join us and see for yourself.

As part of our commitment to #DoMoreWithYourDog, The Watering Bowl will be leading people and pups along a series of hikes this year. Each month, we will take the (very visible) Waggin’ Wagon out to a new trailhead and invite all of our friends and their companions to join us.

The next hike will be:

Sunday, February 10

Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Eureka, MO

There’s no fee and no cause other than our own desire to build stronger bonds between dogs and humans.

Fittingly, the whole idea for The Watering Bowl started on the trail. We knew we wanted to find ways for people to get more enjoyment out of their time with their dogs. And vice versa. (more…)