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The Scoop

There’s a lot going on at The Watering Bowl. Check back here often to stay up on the latest. And be sure to check our Facebook page to see how much fun we had at past events.

The New Location You’ve All Been Waiting For

And we have, too.

It seems like every day we are fielding suggestions for opening a third location.

“We need one over by me.” Or, “I wish there was another Watering Bowl closer to where I work.”

Well, we completely agree. And we’ve been working to find the perfect location for over two years now. Good news is: we found it!


Staff Spotlight: Matt Fuhrmann

Around The Watering Bowl, dogs usually get all the credit for being loyal. And it makes sense. They come in, day after day, and they’re always happy to be here.

But we also appreciate loyalty when we see it from our staffers. And we think your dogs do, too. Today, we’d like to recognize a staffer who’s been with us for three years. And, go figure, he was originally referred to us by his dog, Lucy.

Matt & Lucy

Matt & Lucy


School’s Out, Butt Sniffers Is In

The last school bell has rung, and we all know what that means. Swimming pools, playing outside and spending a lot of time with friends.

And that’s not just at The Watering Bowl doggy daycare and boarding. Kids are doing it, too.

Well, that got us thinking. What if there were a way for kids and dogs to keep learning and having fun together while school’s out this year?



There have been no reported cases of canine influenza at The Watering Bowl or anywhere in Missouri, for that matter. However, we wanted to share some expert knowledge with you.

So, we asked Dr. Bowen, a graduate of the University of Missouri—College of Veterinary Medicine to tell us what she knows, so we are all well aware of what to look for.

Dr. Bowen of Brentwood Banfield Pet Hospital

Dr. Bowen of Brentwood Banfield Pet Hospital


Throwing Out Cardinals Tickets

Green grass, leather gloves, a ball to throw back and forth? That’s right. It’s time to get out and play with your dog. And at The Watering Bowl, we’re doing just that every single day.

But we realize there’s also another reason to get outside and play—baseball. For those who are fans of their dogs and their Redbirds, we have a pretty exciting opportunity.


Endless Love

We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we received during our 5th Anniversary celebration.

With over 70 submissions in the first-ever TWB Love Letter Contest, it was a lot to go through. But we would do it all again because it seems like everyone enjoyed putting their affection on paper almost as much as we enjoyed reading it.

And while we did select a pair of winners, we also had some favorites that are worth highlighting.


Brittany Might Just Work Here For The Perks

That’s totally not true. But Brittany does have three boys (that’s how she refers to her dogs) that fully support her work here at The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding.

Cash, her German Shepard/Doberman mix, Jack, her Rat Terrier mix and Samson, her Jack Russell mix all love giving her a full sniff over when she gets home from our Hanley location.


Five Whole Years

Unbelievable. The Watering Bowl is half a decade old. Seems like only yesterday we were announcing the grand opening of our cage-free canine community, and now here we are—two locations, countless Sniff Arounds and a whole bunch of Hangovers later—celebrating a pretty sweet milestone.

And in typical TWB fashion, we want to celebrate with you and your dog.