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Dog Smarts: Getting Outside and Staying Healthy

Spring and Summer mean more excuses to get outside with your dog. And The Watering Bowl is obviously a huge proponent of more play and more socialization.

But we do notice an uptick in things like ticks.

Not to worry, it’s all part of the territory. And while we love to play, we aren’t veterinarians.

That’s why we turn to the esteemed Dr. Edward Migneco from Hillside Animal Hospital to tell us what to look for and how best to remain healthy and active.

Dr. Ed has 30 years of experience with an emphasis on dogs and cats. And we are thrilled to have his wisdom to share with you in this month’s edition of Dog Smarts.

So, we’ll get right to it.



Hashtags are fun. Likes and follows are great. We’ll even go for the occasional retweet now and then. (Oh, the retweets.)

But no sequence of emojis can capture the feeling of spending actual time with your dog outside. Just enjoying each others’ company and pursuing new adventures.

That’s why we launched a new little initiative. It has nothing to do with daycare, boarding or grooming, but it has everything to do with socializing and relationship building with your dog. (more…)

Dogs In Search Of Great People

We like to think of ourselves as a great place for dogs to spend a day. Or a few days. And come to think of it, nights, too. Shoot, they can even get pampered in our Paw Spaw.

Point being, it’s a pretty nice set up for our clientele.

But the not-so-secret truth is: dogs love it here because people love it here. (more…)

BSA Extra Credit for Teachers’ Pet

There’s always that kid in class. The overachiever. The stay-after-class-and-wipe-down-the-chalkboard brown noser.

Well, as it turns out, we have several of those at Butt Sniffers Academy. Ever since we announced our Extra Credit program, eager-to-please pups have been signing up left and right.


More Hangovers, More Winners

The TWB Hangover contest never disappoints. And this year lived up to our expectations—and then some.

First of all, the Hangovers were dedicated to local rescue organizations, drawing more attention to their causes and the chance for them to win money.


Re-Replaced Floors

You may have heard us extolling the virtues of our pet-specific rubber floors either in person or right here on this blog. That’s because literally and figuratively, flooring is the foundation of a rewarding day of play at The Watering Bowl.


Dogs Love A Parade

Mardi Gras is coming up, and that can only mean one thing. The Beggin’ Pet Parade will be waltzing through Soulard. And no pet parade would be complete without the participation of St. Louis’ favorite Cage-Free Canine Community.