New Turf Is Growing

The benefits of our new synthetic turf have proven so valuable to our South County location that we’ve doubled down and rolled out the new stuff for The Watering Bowl in Brentwood.

The Watering Bowl New Turf

A full day of play starts from the ground up. That’s why we’ve upgraded our turf at our Brentwood location.

It’s a sizeable investment—especially when measured in square feet—but it’s definitely worth it. Your dog will agree. If you haven’t (or more accurately, your dog hasn’t) experienced the fancy new Astroturf at South County, it’s an upgrade that will impact their full day of play at our doggy daycare. And it will reduce the impact on your pups’ joints.

That’s just one of the benefits. Others include:

Zero chemical treatments

Unlike grass, this stuff does not harbor parasites

No dirt which equals no mud which equals a cleaner dog, car, house


Our goal is for your dog to play until his heart’s content, and our new turf makes it that much easier.

In a recent survey of our boarders and daycare attendees, they all agreed that the turf was soft on their paws and clean on their fur. They were also quick to point out that it holds up to the most intense running, jumping, rolling, play bowing, scratching/sniffing, wallowing and general dog behavior.

Weird that none of them have gone to the trouble of posting their thoughts on Yelp. Oh well. Maybe someday.