Loyalty Goes A Long Way

Our cage-free canine community is built for dogs. But it’s the two-legged members who welcome our pack every single day and make The Watering Bowl a place worthy of many return visits.

In fact, we have several people we would classify as long-time loyalists. And we consider ourselves fortunate to spend our days with them.

If you don’t know them yet, here’s your chance to get a little background and introduce yourself next time you cross paths. You might not know their names, but rest assured, they know your dog’s name. And your dog is almost as excited as we are to see them at The Watering Bowl when they arrive.

Bridget Klebolt, 8 years

She’s known as the TWB OG. She’s the only person who’s been with us since opening day. She knows us as well as anyone, and fittingly, she has grown to become our HR Manager.



Cait Koenig, 4 years

Cait started with us as an entry-level employee. She went back to school to complete her degree and put it to good use at TWB. Now, she is the General Manager for every location. And next month, she will be getting married and hiking up and down the west coast for her honeymoon.


Justine Carlson, 3 years

With a graduate degree in epidemiology, health education and behavioral science from SLU, Justine also returned to TWB to help us ensure safety and cleanliness throughout our facilities. She’s doing a great job as our Team Development and Quality Control Manager and is enjoying getting settled in her first house that she bought last May.


Christina Chatman, 6 years

Christina was also recognized with the Leadership Award for her work at Dog Grove as our Primary Floor Leader. You’ll also find her tending the front desk, and she has recently started working on Team Development for TWB. She is especially adept at remembering names, partly because she has five very memorable dogs of her own.



Krista Chatman, 5 years

She came as a referral from, you guessed it, her aunt Christina and has served as our first Overnight Manager. Before that, she served as the primary floor leader at our South County location. She’s a proud TWB employee and an even prouder mom to her daughter, Aleighda.



Debi McCauley, 5 years

She has handled several different roles around the organization. From Floor Leader to Assistant Manager to Overnight Attendant, Debi is now our Primary Morning Floor Leader at South County. We were sad to see her move away last year, but we were thrilled that she came back and came back to work with us again.


Nate McKoy, 8 years

Nate has worked at all three locations, and he is in charge of our daily photography. So, he knows your dog’s good side and loves sharing it with everyone on social media. He’s been around since we were only three months old. He’s a huge fan of the Cardinals, The Blues, WWE and most importantly, his German Shepard, Holly.


Eric Skinner, 4.5 years

After serving in the Army and the Marines, Eric joined TWB and quickly became a celebrity among the pack. Some say he has a cult following and one superfan who charges him every time he sees him. We like him, too.


Devin Rojas, 5.5 years

Devin’s official title is Floor Leader at our Brentwood location. But he’s also kind of our wall leader. After graduating from Webster with a degree in graphic design, he immediately applied his skill to murals in both Brentwood and Dog Grove. He also received a Leadership Award in 2017.


Chris McCollum, 3 years

Chris came to our South County location from Cuba, MO. From there, he has worked his way up to Floor Leader at Dog Grove. When he’s not running with the pack, he’s catching fish, playing basketball and/or spending time with his adorable Pomeranian.


We’re proud of our staff, and we love when people grow with us and help us continue to improve. Thanks to everyone at each of our three locations for their dedication to The Bowl and the dogs who spend their time with us.