Let’s play outside!

Finally, the weather is starting to brighten up. And we are more than ready at The Watering Bowl, where a full day of play includes not only our large, indoor, climate-controlled play area but also our expansive, fenced outdoor area.

Both of our locations offer your dog plenty of room to stretch all four legs. And after a long drawn out Winter, your dogs are more than ready to come out and mix it up.

But given that this is Spring in St. Louis, you never know when the weather might turn again. If the temperature drops suddenly, we’re glad to bring the pups inside. If it rains out of nowhere, we have plenty of cover. And if it stops raining, they can go right back outside without getting their paws all muddy.

Once they’re outside, our Astroturf allows the dogs to run and jump and tear around on a soft surface that drains quickly and never collects dirt. We have toys and rest stations with elevated beds, and when it gets really warm, we fill up our kiddy pools for the pups to splash around in.

And on the nice days, everyone can come and go as they please. Not to mention that the little dogs, or the older ones who want to get a break from all the excitement, have a third option. They can escape to the small dog room for a reprieve before heading back out and playing with the pack.

So, if your dog has a little case of cabin fever, we have just the remedy—a cage-free doggy daycare.

Take a virtual tour and see for yourself, or schedule a sniff around, so your dog can get in on the experience. And once they’re here, check up on their progress on our facebook page. We post pictures every day of the fun we’re having at both locations.

No matter which area they choose to play in, we’ll send you home with a tired, happy pup at the end of each day.

Cage-free doggy daycare playtime.

If you’d like a poster for your home or office, let us know. We’d love to share.