Let Them Let It Out

You may have noticed some new advertising around town from your favorite cage-free canine community. It’s not a figment of your imagination.

It’s the latest in our ongoing efforts to woo you and your dog to one of our three locations in Brentwood, South County and the Dog Grove. And it stars our amazing clientele, front and center.

Every day, we get to witness these superstars showing off their athleticism, greeting their long-lost best friends and generally having the time of their lives. And you get to see the moments we capture and share through Facebook and Instagram.

But we wanted to show off the enthusiasm and attitude of The Watering Bowl to a wider audience.

Let It Out billboard

So, in the coming weeks, you’ll start to notice different breeds, sizes and hair lengths popping up all over. The Let Them Let It Out campaign describes our philosophy and what we do on a daily basis without having to use billboard-unfriendly terms like “philosophy.”

You may even recognize a few of these newly-minted celebrities. Turns out, our pack is also a casting agent’s dream.

Our friends at Darling Makery are trying to convince us to run the ads in increasingly high-profile locations, like all over an entire bus.

But, we’re thinking customized bumper stickers might be the more sensible path.

The Watering Bowl bumper stickerPlus, it gives you a chance to show off your pup if you’re so inclined. Seriously, let us know, and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

In the meantime, keep your eye out for the next doggy daycare starlet. And let us know if your dog likes the new campaign. We take their feedback very seriously.

Big thanks to Mark Halski at Halski Studio for spending a day directing and photographing our BFFs. With help from Tracy, the Dean of Butt Sniffers Academy, they were able to capture some pretty amazing shots. Including this one of Jeremy.

2 Responses to “Let Them Let It Out”

  1. Kim

    I would do a custom bumper sticker! There are a couple TWB pics of AD I would love on a TWB sticker 🙂

  2. David Deatherage

    Hi! I’m overly excited to see my dog Daphne in the second photo… is this an actual billboard that is or will be up or just a mock-up ? Overly curious

    Thanks. Daphne loves the Watering Bowl (we go to the Grove location) & the customer service with everyone there has been top notch.

    Best Regards



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