It’s Kind Of Like The Running Of The Bulls

For centuries, brave runners have taken to the cobblestone streets of Pamplona, Spain for encierro, commonly known as the running of the bulls. It’s a test of speed that, for at least the last year, has been compared only to The Watering Bowl Mile.


At twice the distance of its sister race in Spain, the race that has become a staple of the Macklind Mile pairs man and beast for an epic downhill run that’s much safer but comparably thrilling. And it’s sponsored by none other than yours truly.

We are proud to partner with this exciting event right here in our fair city. It fits perfectly with our mission to both #DoMoreWithYourDog and socialize with our best friends.

Last year was the first time dogs were invited to compete in their own event at The Macklind Mile, and we were all over it. This year, we may or may not have a separate finish line just for the winning dog.

The Watering Bowl Macklind Mile

Plus, it was recently featured in Shape magazine as one of the top Races You Can Run With Your Dog. We happen to agree.

The race will be held Saturday, June 24th, and it starts at Macklind and Sublette. It’s all downhill from there. Seriously, check out the course. It’s not called “The Fastest Mile In St. Louis” for nothing.

In fact, the elevation drops a full 73 feet from start to finish.

There are a few rules to keep everyone safe. First of all, no bulls. Similarly, no retractable leashes. Those could trip other runners, and no one wants that, no matter how beautiful the TWB Cup is. Read up on the rest when you register at the official event website.

And if you’re reading this blog while stretching your hamstrings, feel free to use this promo code for $5 off: TOPDOG.