St. Peters Outdoor Daycare Boarding

And for your dog, that somewhere just so happens to be the TWB location of your preference.

We realize that everyone is easing back into the idea of travel. Just know that when you decide to pack up and head to a beach or a mountain or local hotel with a swimming pool for what might be the vacation that stands out most in recent memory, your dog is more than welcome here or here or here or here. (All those links go directly to our four locations.)

So yeah, it’s been a while. But we are more than ready party—safely of course.

For those who haven’t visited us lately, you’ll notice we have implemented curbside pickup and drop off. It’s super simple. Just call or text when you roll up, and we’ll come right out.

Our Brentwood location even has these handy QR codes that generate a text that gets sent directly to our front desk when you arrive. We’re so techy.

And if it’s been an extra long time, please make sure you’re up to date on your shots. Don’t get us wrong. We can’t wait to see you. But we will if it means keeping the rest of the pack healthy. If you’re unsure, just call us. We keep good records at our fingertips.

So, go for it. If you feel comfortable that is. And after you book the most anticipated trip ever, book your dog’s most anticipated trip with us.