Introducing Free-Range Boarding

At The Watering Bowl, boarding is anything but boring. That’s because it comes with a full day of cage-free doggy daycare with the rest of the pack.

We call it Free-Range Boarding. Your dog thinks of it as the time of his or her life.

It’s pretty much the equivalent of sending your dog to an all expense-paid resort. We have a loosely defined schedule that includes meal times, indoor play and outdoor recreation. But they get to customize their vacation package with excursions into the pool and any trips to the Paw Spaw that you may have selected for their stay.

When it comes to Free-Range Boarding, the party never stops. It just pauses for a nap. And at night, everyone sleeps well.

Our Overnight Manager can attest to that.

We’ve been offering Free-Range Boarding since we opened, but we just recently realized that it’s not the norm everywhere else. In fact, when you take your pup to just about any other kennel they stay in, of all places, kennels.

Crazy, right? They get out to go for a walk and to do their business, then it’s right back to a cage. Sounds less than fun.

So, while you’re off visiting family or heading to some exotic location, your poor dog is cooped up all day, most likely contemplating what brought this unenviable circumstance.

It couldn’t be more the opposite of the experience at The Watering Bowl. In fact, you may find yourself sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping an umbrella drink as you casually scroll through your Facebook feed, only to find photos of your dog with us and getting a little tinge of FOMO.

That’s alright. We totally get it. We’re having a blast over here. But don’t worry. Your dog will still be thrilled to see you when you return.