In case you didn’t see the sticker on the door or the smile on our faces, we are proud to inform you that The Watering Bowl was recently named one of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Top Workplaces.

That’s right. The place where dogs run free is also known for empowering employees and making everyone feel welcome. And while we value the enthusiasm we see every day from our four-legged clientele, they aren’t equipped to fill out satisfaction surveys. So, to all the hard-working, hard-playing, poop-scooping, picture-taking, dog-name-knowing, t-shirt-wearing, positive-reinforcement-giving members of our two-legged pack, we sincerely say thank you.

And it’s not just because an award has been ceremoniously bestowed upon us—we feel fortunate every day to have such dedicated people on our team. We always say, there are easier places to work. There are easier doggy daycares to work at. We maintain staff 24/7. They monitor the pack outside of cages all day. They make sure everyone is safe. They know each dog’s name, each day. They clean up—a lot. They take and upload hundreds of photos each day. But most importantly, they care.

They care for the dogs and they care about each other. And we are infinitely grateful for the heart they put into this place. Without our staff, we wouldn’t be a top workplace. And we certainly wouldn’t be your dog’s favorite place to hang out.

In case you’re curious about the methodology for selecting Top Workplaces, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We wondered ourselves. Feel free to check out the article from or pinch in on the image of the article from the printed paper. Or just read this one quote we particularly liked from Doug Claffey, CEO of Energage, the research partner for the rankings, “Top Workplaces put the employee at the center of things and focus on creating the right environment to unleash potential and inspire performance.”

We’ll take that. And we’re proud that we finished at number 15 among small employers (50 – 149 employees). Thanks again to the people who make it possible. We believe in fostering an environment of inclusivity for all walks of life and love to see that it’s appreciated by our employees and even third-party rankings.

Speaking of, if you know someone who might enjoy joining our crew, have them check out our job listings and send us a note along with their resume