Hangovers For Rescue

The TWB Hangover Contest is back. And this time, it has an agenda. This year, a photo of your dog in search of some R&R can help other dogs in search of a home.

We know Hangovers benefit pets and their owners. But we wanted to find a way to spread the goodness of the Doggy Hangover even further. So, we hope you’ll join us this year for all the fun.

It’s the same contest with the same rules as the last two. But this time around, we ask that you dedicate your hangover to a rescue organization. And if you win, not only do you get $250 to TWB, but you also get to help us donate $250 to your favorite local rescue organization.

It’s pretty simple. Just post your entry with #TWBHC. Then dedicate your hangover with #SRSTL, #APA or #GPG and @ mention Stray Rescue, Animal Protective Agency or Gateway Pet Guardians with your entry. And if you win, so does that organization.

That’s 250 bones to help with food, shelter, healthcare and operational costs.

Maybe your dog wants to dedicate a hangover to the rescue he or she came from. Or perhaps you know some foster parents affiliated with one of the shelters. Or maybe you don’t know which rescue is your favorite, and this is as good of an excuse as any to do a little research.

So, check ‘em out, and cast your Hangover knowing that other dogs are feeling the positive effects.

Contest Submissions: February 1 through February 2

Voting for Round one: February 3 through February 4

  • – Voting will begin at 12am February 3 inside an album on the facebook page

Re-voting for finalists: February 6 through February 7

Winner announced, check presentation: February 8

It does get pretty intense. So make sure you have a choice Hangover to put you and your chosen rescue in the best-possible position to win.

Here’s reminder of how the voting works:

  • 1 like = 1 vote (liking a “share” won’t figure in the voting because it’s too hard to track down, so make sure you like the actual photo to make your vote count)
  • Voting restarts for the finalists round, so make sure you come back and like again to support your favorite. And if you’re favorite is out of the running, perhaps you can find another deserving hangover.

If you’d like to take a look at some of our past contests, click here. And see all the fun we’ve had.

Spread the word. This may* be the most important thing anyone votes on all year.





6 Responses to “Hangovers For Rescue”

  1. Todd Charow

    How do I actually submit my dogs photo for the hangover contest?


    • Teresa Voss

      Todd, you can post their photo on our Facebook page on Feb 1 or 2 and use the hashtag of the rescue you’d like to have the donation go to if you win! It’s either #SRSTL (Stray Rescue), #APA or #GPG (Gateway Pet Guardians). Good luck!

  2. Eric

    I’m confused what we actually submit as a pic? A pic of the dog sleeping?

    • Teresa Voss

      Eric, you will post a pic of your dogs hangover from their day at The Watering Bowl. You can submit on our Facebook page starting on Monday.
      Good luck!

  3. Jeffrey Parker

    This is one of the best and creative ways I’ve seen to help rescue organizations! I’d love to help/participate, one quick question.. do I wait until Feb 1-2 to upload a photo & add the rescue I work with + saved my pup? Thanks for your time!

    • Teresa Voss

      Jeffrey, thanks for the kind words! We think it’s a pretty cool idea! Go ahead and upload your pic on Monday or Tuesday next week with the appropriate hashtag for the charity of your choice! Good luck!!