The times they are a-changin’ around The Watering Bowl. We thought we were all cutting edge way back in 2010 when we integrated Facebook into everything we did. How quaint.

There we were with new toys to play with, and everyone just loved all the interaction and connectivity.

Well, nowadays, we’re operating on a whole new level. Multiple social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram and probably some others we haven’t even heard of keep our owners up-to-date on everything TWB. Plus, we’re pretty sure we have our own, unsanctioned version of Uber for dogs in the form of The Waggin’ Wagon. But that’s a whole other thing (no taxicab commission approval necessary).

Look out because we’ve gone and upped the ante this time.

Instead of just regular, run-of-the-mill still photos with captions and filters and the like, uploaded the old-fashioned way to Facebook, we now offer the latest and greatest in cage-free doggy daycare media viewing.

Enter, the Go-Pro and, yes, the camera drone.

It’s pretty freaking cool. We can fly over the dogs’ play area and get footage of them chasing the newfangled technology passing overhead.

Overhead shot of the pool at The Watering Bowl doggy daycare.

Drone’s Eye View

Honestly, it’s almost as if these things were invented for The Watering Bowl. And we certainly appreciate it.

We think you will, too. We these new tools, we can give a unique perspective on what the pups are up to and add yet another layer of fun to our already full day of play.

The GoPro Cameras in particular give a dog’s-eye-view of the fun and games we have happening all around The Watering Bowl. We’ve found, over the years that the best photos are the ones that really get down to the dog’s level. And we finally have the perfect rig to get that vantage point with a moving camera.

Go-pro camera mount on a dog.

Equipment for a dog’s eye view.

It’s pretty cool. But with all of our equipment, we still keep our focus on providing the best experience possible for the dogs. As long as they’re happy, so are we.

And we are even happier that we get to bring you deeper into the fun we partake in every single day.

So please, feel free to share the camerawork you can only get from The Watering Bowl with everyone. #GiveADogADrone