Game mode: Engaged.

Game night is always a great time: you get to hang out with your friends; have a few drinks; and accuse the other players of cheating. All that’s missing is your adorable pup.

Not anymore.

You can finally have your best friend by your side for these dog-friendly games. From educational games to training activities, there’s a game for every type of dog out there. Here are a few of our favorites:

Outward Hound Puzzle Toy: This simple, wooden puzzle is designed to get the gears in your dog’s brain churning. The toy requires your dog to pull levers, revealing compartments. Each compartment contains treats, ensuring your pal gets a reward for all the effort. This is one game that’ll feed your dog’s stomach, AND its brain.

Charades: A dog-friendly twist on a game-night classic, this game is perfect for teaching your dog how to follow orders. Instead of acting out overdone topics, the players will be required to make their dogs perform certain tricks. The goodest boy wins a treat. Although, we don’t really see any losers in this situation.

Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure hunt with treats. Have your dog sit patiently or wait in another room while you place treats around a room. Make the first go-around easy until you’re sure your pup understands the game. You may want to start off playing this game on-leash until you are sure everyone can play together safely.  After that you can even cue it up with the phrase “Find It” right before they spot the treat. As your dog gains experience, they will begin to understand that when you say “Find It” this means there’s something good to look for! This one allows your pup to use their nose while having a fun game to play while on a walk, and provides invaluable bonding time.

Obstacle Course: The perfect way to test you and your dog’s coordination, this obstacle course is a great way to burn off some excess calories. It can be set up using household items inside your house or, if you don’t want paw tracks all over your floor, in your backyard. The fastest dog wins bragging rights and everyone gets some much-needed bonding time.

These games are the perfect way to bond with your four-legged friends. Who knows? You might end up bonding with a few of your two-legged ones too. All we know is, your game nights are going to be changed forever.