We Should Get A T-Shirt Cannon

We’re lucky. We get to come to work every single day, and play with amazing creatures who love the opportunity just to hang out with us. An excited dog running toward you really is the best possible experience you can have upon walking into your place of business.

But we’re also lucky for another reason.

We get to wear t-shirts while we play with fun-loving dogs all day. They’re comfortable. They’re flexible. And they come in multiple colors. (We’re talking about the t-shirts here.)

Some are even kinda funny if we do say so ourselves.

To our kids—and in many cases, our parents and friends—this is a dream job. And we would never disagree. But we do occasionally get requests to step up our t-shirt game. As in, “Hey Dad, when are you going to shrink that shirt in the dryer so I can wear it?” Or, “Do you have any XXXS sizes?” Or, our favorite, “Do you have any other clothes?”

The point has been made. And the shipments are in. So, without further ado and constant reminders from our kids, we invite you to take a look at our new line of kid-sized TWB t-shirts and this year’s shirts supporting the Redbirds.

Dogs may end up wearing a few of these, but they are in fact designed for human kids. And we look forward to seeing our little walking billboards, er, children showing them off in the near future.

Plus, there’s no better way to support your favorite hometown team. That team being your friendly cage-free canine community and the Cards.

The next time you’re in, check out our full selection. We promise we aren’t transforming into an apparel company, but we do have a pretty extensive line of t-shirts and hoodies that you might enjoy wearing almost as much as we do.

Anyone know where we can get one of those t-shirt cannon things?