Butt Sniffers Academy (the training arm of The Watering Bowl) is proud to welcome its third trainer, Jon Conderman.

Jon will be heading up our training at our St. Peters location.  He brings over 10 years of experience, as well as a natural, balanced approach to training, to our four-legged institute of higher learning.

Jon was born alongside geese, ducks, chickens, dairy goats and horses. His father trained horses for racing and got Jon involved in 4H at a young age. In Jon’s words, “My dad taught me early on how to watch and listen to animals and communicate the way they do with each other.”

After deciding not to become the next Pet Detective, Jon opted to work with dog rescues and shelters. “During this time, I was able to save over 100 shelter dogs, all of which passed the AKC canine good citizen testing, including some who went onto more advanced testing to become working service and therapy dogs,” Jon told us about his impressive resume.

That experience allowed him to work with dogs who were placed in shelters due to behavioral issues and help them become highly adoptable companions.

We can’t think of a more noble way to apply your skill. And we are thrilled that he will be helping out our cage-free canine community.

“My style is very natural. My goal with each dog is to find how they communicate, and work to discover what they are needing out of life.” He goes on to say that the balance can be felt on both ends of the leash, “I want both the owners and the dogs to walk away feeling confident that they have the tools and knowledge they need to build a healthy line of communication.”

Jon genuinely loves his job, and it shows. When asked what gives him the most gratification, he narrowed it down to three outcomes, “I love the peace that an angry or fearful dog gets from confidence and trust. I love the sigh of relief that comes from a client the first time they realize the most troubling issue is surmountable. And I love the pure joy a dog derives from receiving the reward of affection.”

You’ll have to meet Jon for yourself, and of course, introduce your dog. They’ll both appreciate it.