As part of our ongoing investment in the doggy daycare experience at The Watering Bowl, we’ve visited the future (at least according to the 1980’s) and brought back a nice chunk of yard to our two locations.

That’s right. We have Astroturf. In fact, we have over 5,500 square feet of the stuff between our two locations.


Wait, hang on. Astroturf wasn’t named after the Jetson’s family dog? Well, that’s disappointing. But, let’s face it, it’s not disappointing enough to go back and revise the intro to this story.

So, behold: Astroturf brought to your dog from the idyllic cartoon world, courtesy of your favorite cage-free doggy daycare.

And if we’re wanting to get into true facts—as opposed to the conveniently made up variety—there are a few benefits to this Astroturf worth pointing out.

First, Astroturf is soft and consistent. It’s paw friendly and easy on joints. And, of course, it requires no chemical treatments to keep it green all year long.

Second, the synthetic surface doesn’t harbor parasites the way grass does. So it helps keep your dog healthy and playing on it day after day. Which is great because we don’t plan on boarding parasites on our premises any time soon.


And, third, there’s no dirt. This means your dog can run around on the Astroturf all day and not come home looking like a greasy mud ball. That doesn’t mean they won’t get a little slobber on their coat. It just means they’ll be cleaner when they do.

(And that makes our job a little easier in the Paw Spaw.)

It’s pretty exciting that all of these benefits will make a day at TWB that much more enjoyable.

So, while it may not be hallowed ground inspired by a cartoon dog, the new turf will lift the spirits of all pups who come in contact with it.

Either that, or they’ll lift their leg on it.