By all accounts, the Dog Parade was a howling success. We had over 40 people walking in our group, along with several TWB family members of the four-legged variety. We gave out some handy-dandy poop bag dispensers and limited-edition TWB frisbees to much fanfare. Thank you to everyone who attended despite the iffy weather. And thanks to those who learned what a poop bag dispenser was before putting it to good use in Soulard! See you there next year.


You think you love a parade? Wait ‘til your dog gets in the middle of one. Join The Watering Bowl as we make our third annual appearance at the Soulard Mardi Gras dog parade Sunday, February 3rd.

You’ll be amongst instant best friends as we all meet at noon (an hour before the start) at the corner of Allen and Menard. We’ll have plenty of poop bags on hand and lots of TWB giveaways to make the roughly mile-long walk that much more of an occasion.

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. Unless of course you come this year. Then, you won’t miss out. You’ll join in.

Dogs and owners on parade in Mardi Gras.

“Who’s with us?!”








And if you wear your TWB gear and post a photo of yourself at the parade with us on our Facebook wall, your lucky dog will qualify for a free day of daycare.

It’s a blast. And if nothing else, it’s a great way to work off the seven-layer dip you’ll be digging into later during the Super Bowl.

Send us a note to let us know you’ll be coming, and we’ll make sure we have lots of paraphernalia for all. Or, just make a game-time decision to meet us down there.