Fetching some indoor fun

During the long winter months, it’s easy to get cabin fever. And it’s not just you. Your dog feels it too, and maybe even worse. When your dog wants to go outside to play but can’t, it’s easy for them to drive you up the wall with their pent-up energy. And over time, they can get depressed. So this winter, keep their minds and bodies active with some indoor fun. 

Here are a few ideas to keep tails wagging this winter:

– Hide your dog’s kibble throughout a room or invest in a snuffle roll (check Pinterest/Amazon). She’ll have a great time working for it.

– Get a bathmat from the dollar store (or a Lickimat from Lola & Penelope’s ) and smear it with a bit of regular peanut butter (avoid sugar-free with xylitol). Roll it up and stick in the freezer. It’s a long-lasting treat your dog will love. You can also use wet dog food if that works better.

– Roll her kibble into packaging paper. As long as you catch her before she eats the packing paper!

– Hide food while your dog sits and waits. Then release her to find it. She’ll have a great time with this canine-version of a treasure hunt.

– Grab a couple of PVC tubes from the hardware store. Maybe even a couple of the end cups to cap one end off and stick some kibble inside. Figuring out how to get to the kibble will keep your dog occupied for a good long while.

And remember, there are some pet-friendly places that let you get out of the house without going into the cold. Places like Home Depot, Lowes and the Alpine Shop are a great way for you and your dog to stretch your legs, stimulate the senses and maybe even sniff another dog or two. Just to clarify, sniffing other dogs is just something your dog should do.