Every Dog Is An Outside Dog

Poodle or Pit Bull, Dalmatian or Dachshund, your dog wants to hang out with you. And they particularly love getting outside when they hang out.

We know because every day when we open those big overhead doors at The Watering Bowl, everyone comes charging outside to play. And the only thing they’d love to do more is get outside and play with you. (We asked.)

Granted, it doesn’t serve our business model, but we love encouraging our patrons to #DoMoreWithYourDog. It promotes bonding and a more well-rounded dog.

And we’re organizing groups for all kinds of activities to join our cage-free canine community outside of our walls. The Macklind Dog Mile is coming up this month. You can race, or just come to mingle.

There’s a dog park right up the street from our Dog Grove location that we helped build last year.

We get together for hikes, regularly. In fact, we have one coming up on June 25th. Stay tuned for more details. We’ll supply water for the dogs.





It’ll be easy to spot us in our signature Waggin’ Wagons.

Waggin' Wagon South County


Don’t get us wrong. Couch time is important, too, especially after a full day of play. But getting out and about is a proven way to build an even stronger relationship.

Plus, dogs have a way of making exercise more tolerable. They’re like lovable versions of Jillian Michaels. Instead of yelling at you, they motivate with affection.

And it’s always a little more fun when you get together with a group of like-minded doers. That’s the reasoning behind this little initiative, and when you think about it, it’s the thinking behind this whole company.

So, consider this an open invitation from TWB to you. But mostly, it’s an invitation from your dog to build a fun, fulfilling relationship, one adventure at a time.