Egg-Sniffing Dogs

We are proud to partner with Treats Unleashed for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt for Pets and their Peeps, this Saturday from 11am to 1pm.

And we plan to up the ante with a few hidden gems of our own.

The hunt will benefit St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue, and it will also benefit your dog if he or she happens to find a special TWB delight.

You could win a T-shirt, or a frisbee or paws crossed, a few select eggs will come with a free day of doggy daycare at any of our three locations in South County, Brentwood or the Dog Grove. That’s a lot to cram into one little egg, so when your dog is hunting, those particular eggs may be close to bursting open.

That’s because a full day of play at The Watering Bowl is a non-stop, friend-licking, tail-chasing, energy-expending extravaganza. And if your dog wins it, so do you. Everyday of daycare comes with a complimentary doggy hangover.

If you haven’t experienced it, it’s really two days of daycare in one. Your dog plays with us and comes home to rest. And rest. And rest. All through the next day.

So, you may want to practice with your dog leading up to this weekend’s festivities.

Speaking of, here are the details:

The hunt is hosted at Treats Unleashed Ladue, at 8861 Ladue Road in the Ladue Crossing Shopping Center.

Registration is $5, all of which goes to St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue. The event is this Saturday, March 24, and starts promptly at 11am. Day-of registration is $10, cash only and starts at 10 am.

You can also get a photo with the Easter Bunny. And if you donate a can of pet food to Bi-State Pet Food Pantry, you can spin the wheel for a prize.

We’ll even have a booth with a peanut butter eating contest and other games and giveaways.

And perhaps most importantly, make sure your vaccinations are current, which if you come to The Watering Bowl regularly, they definitely are. And don’t bring any retractable trip wires, er, dog leashes please.

Should be an amazing event, and we’re thrilled to support our friends and fellow St. Louis dog lovers at Treats Unleashed. Hope you can join us.