Hashtags are fun. Likes and follows are great. We’ll even go for the occasional retweet now and then. (Oh, the retweets.)

But no sequence of emojis can capture the feeling of spending actual time with your dog outside. Just enjoying each others’ company and pursuing new adventures.

That’s why we launched a new little initiative. It has nothing to do with daycare, boarding or grooming, but it has everything to do with socializing and relationship building with your dog.

Fittingly, it’s called #domorewithyourdog.


You may have seen it pop up on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. But we’re hoping you’ll have a chance to experience it up close and in person.

The hashtag itself is sort of an APB we send out to let members of our cage-free canine community know that we have a get together planned.

We do hikes, runs, trips to the park. Pretty much anything that involves people and their dogs getting out to stretch their collective legs and generally, you know, mix it up.

Our group is relatively small, but you can usually find us pretty easily. (We’re the ones wearing all the TWB gear.) And we may even have a beer or two while we’re out. After all, hydration is important.

And of course, we document these excursions to share with anyone else who might want to join in the fun. And we post them, conveniently, to #domorewithyourdog, so you can easily pull them down, repost, print out and hang on your wall.

So, consider this the bat signal and an open invitation to you and your dogs to get out of the house and onto the trail.

Our next event is coming up Sunday, May 22nd in Wildwood. But you may have already known that, what with the hashtag and all.

#domorewithyourdog hiking #domorewithyourdog group #domorewithyourdog dog face