Dogs Don’t Mind Homework

Butt Sniffers Academy is just like any other school, only it’s completely different. For example, the attendees of our four-legged institute of higher learning don’t seem to mind a little extra homework.

In fact, they thoroughly enjoy it.

That’s why the dean of BSA, Tracy Pritchard, devised a set flashcards to help students lock in their learning. However, despite Tracy’s best efforts, these dogs can’t actually read the flashcards themselves.

Luckily, the dog owners we work with are able to translate English into obedience. And these flashcards make it easy and fun to learn new tricks and maintain a strong relationship with your dog.

To Tracy, it made sense to formalize these flashcards and share them with the whole class, “we’ve been trying a version of these with some of our students, and you can really see the difference when owners use them.”

So far, she has developed 16 of these take-home training lessons. And when you complete a private lesson through Butt Sniffers Academy, you take that lesson home with you. Each card gives step-by-step instructions as well as the benefits of each exercise. Obviously, we hope you collect the entire set.


You’ll learn why each exercise is important, what it teaches your dog and any helpful hints for perfect execution.

Dogs thrive on discipline. They crave purpose. And they want to please the human on the other end of the leash. By working closely with your pup, you are deepening your bond and adding meaning to your relationship.

And after a while, you’ll be able to fan the cards out in front of your dog and let him pick which one he wants to work on each day.

We’re always looking for ways to increase retention and engagement with our students. BSA Flashcards are just part of our approach, but we think they’ll make a big difference for dogs and their humans.

Once you try one, feel free to let us know how it goes over. And keep an eye out for the next installment once you’ve mastered these.