Doggy Door Busters

Obviously, The Watering Bowl is an ideal place to come for gifts for your tail-bearing best friend. Everything from toys to new leashes and collars to a day at the Paw Spaw are most likely at the top of every dog’s unspoken wish list.

But we also offer gifts that the dog lovers on your list will certainly appreciate.

Santa's Little Helper

If you can name this famous holiday-related pooch, you will receive a warm sense of satisfaction. Free!

You could go with a gift certificate. This one’s sort of a twofer. On one hand, it’s a free pass for a day or night out of the house. On the other, it’s a gift for the family dog. Maybe that’s why we made our TWB gift certificates two-sided. In fact, that’s exactly why did that. Boom. You’re welcome.


How about some sweet gear from The Watering Bowl? Chances are, if you’re reading this blog posting, you have someone on your list who loves this place as much as you do. And we just got a new shipment of Waggin’ Wagon T-shirts in stock. Granted, it’s an advertisement for our place of business, but we fully support spreading the word along with holiday cheer. It’s the next best thing to buying someone their very own Waggin’ Wagon, especially considering it’s not for sale. Or maybe it is. Stop it. No, it isn’t.

Front of the Waggin' Wagon Tee

Front view.

The back of the Waggin' Wagon Tee

Rear view

Speaking of gear, we also loaded up on some new hoodies for walking in your own Winter Wonderland. They’re comfortable, fashionable and available exclusively through The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding. It’s the gift that says, “I know how you like sweet gear that your dog approves.”

It also literally says, “Cage-Free Is The Way To Be.” That’s on the back.

The Watering Bowl hoodie.

Nice, right?

These are gifts that are difficult to put a price tag on. But for your convenience, we did just that. T-shirts are $18 and hoodies run $29. And you can get a gift card in any denomination you see fit.

The holidays are a great time to draw near to your loved ones, especially your dog who is probably wondering if it’s okay to pee on the tree in the house.

If you need a day to prepare for your festivities or wrap some presents without the help of your four-legged elf, we will be having our own celebration at The Watering Bowl. So, hopefully, we’ll see you and yours this holiday season.