Doggy Dones for Stray Rescue

Just in time for the holiday season, Doggy Dones are coming to The Watering Bowl. And they’re more than delicious. Much more.

This limited run is being dedicated to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Our good friends over there do amazing work, and recently they’ve been blindsided with an outbreak of distemper that has claimed the lives of over 20 dogs.

The Doggy Dones are being sold for $2 per two-pack. If you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s roughly $1 per Doggy Done. They come from every human’s favorite donut shop, Strange Donuts, and are made with love and peanut butter.

doggy dones

All of the proceeds from this batch of Doggy Dones will go straight to Stray Rescue St. Louis to help fight the outbreak, treat affected dogs, replenish supplies to stem the spread of distemper and test the entire population.

Feel free to help Stray Rescue directly through their website. They are hoping to raise $100k for this fight. It won’t be easy, and we won’t be able to get there by ourselves, but every bit helps.

And who knows, maybe a little chatter about these Doggy Dones and their purpose will help spread the word to others who are willing and able to help.

They are also collecting donations of supplies to help with the situation.

From the Stray Rescue website: “Distemper is a viral disease, which affects the gastrointestinal, respiratory and central nervous system…It is highly contagious and can be fatal. Vaccination against the virus is the best defense…”

And as a reminder, all dogs boarding or attending doggy daycare at The Watering Bowl are required to have their DHLPP shots up to date that includes the distemper vaccine.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, and we thank Strange Donuts for partnering with us on this effort. We hope a little snack for your dog can lend a paw to some others in a world of hurt this holiday season.