Dog Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are hard. Sure, there are lots of things we can all do better. Or do less of. And making that list doesn’t take too much thought.

But when it comes to keeping those resolutions, that’s when it gets tricky.

At The Watering Bowl, we don’t pretend to know the best way to maintain your promises to yourself, but it may include making resolutions that are achievable and also somewhat rewarding.

And if you haven’t completed your list for 2018, we would like to offer one you may expect from us. Play with your dog more often.

That’s it.

It doesn’t need to be scheduled for 45 minutes a day. You don’t have to weigh yourself before and after. And no one is going to hold you to it.

But it is actionable, and we can guarantee it will be rewarding. The act of playing is scientifically proven to reward humans. It relaxes the mind and allows for more focus. And while we haven’t checked with any dog psychologists, it’s safe to say your best friend gets a lot out of playing.

You will definitely build your relationship with your dog. And he or she will extract helpful behavioral cues from you—whether you’re trying to train your dog or not.

Speaking of training, that’s one way you can play with your dog. We’d be more than happy to sign you up for a class. But you’re also welcome to check out our Butt Sniffers YouTube channel for lots of easy ways to learn while you play.

And keep an eye out for #DoMoreWithYourDog activities with The Watering Bowl that cost zero dollars. We’re big proponents of dog parks as well. We even sponsored one over in Forest Park Southeast.

So, whether you added a new puppy over the holidays or need an excuse to get a little more exercise for yourself or if you think you might be able to lift your spirits along with your dog’s, feel free to make an easy resolution.

If your dog made resolutions, you can bet that hanging out with you would be at the top of the list every single year.